Wednesday 10 May 2017

Nehemiah 8.....A Gate of Miphkad moment....meeting in the Square of Facebook

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What am I stating?
What am I not stating?
I am not stating Dean Dosher's consciousness which sets itself against the One who has come through all the saints in the Bible.
I am not stating the consciousness of Andrea Garzon which says that by looking within you will find the genuine. You only find the genuine if you go into your inner room, shut your door and meet with the One Father of all our souls. If you just go within, but not in the one Holy Spirit you find the cnnection you have always had by default with the cleverly masquerading Isaiah 14 spirit that wishes to spin its own universe.
I am not interested in the gospel of Paul Krause which just feeds poor people in India. For that we have the United Nations or many many humanitarian charities.
I am not even behind Rheinhard Bonnke's ministry which came through the door as a magazine today, which hopes by giving people an experience with the Holy Spirit to evangelise the nations.
Pioneer Ministries, Harvest time ministries New Frontier Ministries UK all have the Holy Spirit, yet to my knowledge not one whole church or move in the world yet preached the gospel laid down by Jesus in John 6. The nearest are the Union crowd, but so far they preach an individual gospel that doesn't even require church.
The gospel of Jesus, the apostles and St Paul is a specific gospel in the Spirit that lays the axe to the core of Genesis 3.
And part of the fruit of Genesis 3 is "party spirit" and "schisms". The leftbrain version of the Union message does not lay foundations in the Spirit. The apostolic gifting in the Holy Spirit lays foundations of church and community in that same Spirit.
When we gather in the Name of Jesus, there the ONE Jesus is in our midst. It is through Him we have One access to the One Father by the Holy Spirit. Our gospel is not a leftbrain message, it is one of impartation and power. The fruit of that message is
more people going within to their secret place, shutting their door and meeting with the Father in secret.
In that place, the Cross is taken up to all that is of the Adamic
all Dean Dosher's "desire to be God".....In that place you are in God and of God and you move out of Him, which is why it says
Seek me and Live in Amos.
The fruit is a "metanoia" of the Spirit....not just changing your mind "about" the gospel...
but "changing your mind" PERIOD.
meta means move out beyond in the Yorkshire expression...he has a lot of nous....means cleverness as of surface facility with ideas , knowledge planning....but always restricted to our 5 senses...
we have to move beyond this and nolonger rely on the 5 sense boundary system
Romans 12 2 says.....(having accepted that Romans 1-11 is all so, and having laid down our entire bodies as a sacrifice....a living sacrifice, minute by minute) we are to be transformed inwardly by the renewing (of the spirit) which empowers our minds.
Andrea Garzon is doing the going inward....but it is all(supposed to be) based on the first 11 chapters of Romans being so...
that "we" have died
that we nolonger live
that this false delusion of a duality sold us by a very very clever devising angel and that has taken us all of 6000 years to even cotton onto in any articulable form (see Norman Grubb)....that this duality was ever a delusion
Now by the Spirit, we not only have to correct our dualism , but it is now an infected life that needs to go to the Cross and be raised anew until at last we can say with Jesus in the Upper room....the devil has nothing in me....I now live from Jesus resurrection life in me alone....
Because the gospel is to do with consciousness and identity, separating us from false consciousness and false identity,
we are being joined to a place
of clean soil (the parable of the sower)
of a clean heart....which Beattitudes says sees God
of a single eye that sees through to God going on....whether it be pure God or derived God Satan.
"Derived God" means Satan is not a Super power Thor as he wants us to believe. Jesus met this mentality head on in the wilderness. "No Satan I will not serve you or worship you, only One is to be worshipped God the Father". Satan takes his power from God but denies to us that this is so, and as Norman Grubb so clearly explains, he twists God's own self for others life into self for self, or self service.
If it was in our own power like Buddhists say, to discover all the aspects of hidden self service within ourselves, then we could save ourselves...
but this is at the level of spirit ownership, and we require that we
Follow Jesus right through the process:
I am The Way the Truth the Life to even see it
Romans chapters 3 to 7 in experience to even see it
abide in His Word and keep abiding and NOT flunk out, then we are truly His disciples and we know the Truth and that TRUTH sets us free
IT is not yet the gospel of UK Pioneer Ministries, of New Frontiers, of my own Rios de Vida in Buenos Aires,
of Salt and Light, of Rheinhard Bonnke, of Morris Cerullo (though Pastor Trulin was getting real close) of Word of Faith ministries Copeland and Hagin, of Oral Roberts and his son on TV, of Joel Osteen or his Dad.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I have not heard of a church on earth preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and His apostles and therefore we see the same fruit of Moses everywhere on planet earth....
To some extent we see individuals like Pastor Wurmbrand, Madame Guyon , Jacob Boehme, Corrie Ten Boom, Mother Basliea Schlink forming an actual community on a land which started to obey Romans 8 fruitfulness.....
But generally all over the world the most we can see in the Spirit of a people is
Pioneer ministries, Word of Faith ministries. etc etc are full of 60 and 70 year olds from a previous charismatic move.
We see a people of shewbread who have anointed Word filled minds, but never having left their leftbrain confines, they have only one two or three portions of the 12 pieces of tribal shewbread.
We see a people of the Candlestick. Prophets, some of whose Words are accurate. Apostles who only build up to the Holy Place and often in their own names and pyramids.
They move in the Spirit in meetings but have no clue about
"having their feet shod with the gospel" of Galatians 2.20 living.
Paul Ellis is making grace noises but his gospel is not yet the gospel of Jesus Christ and His apostles.
Paul Anderson Walsh is building something, but something somewhere isn't expanding like it seemed it would back in 2010.
Ralph Harris has a wonderful heart, but he isn't really yet making Union noises with clarity. However I have a feeling that if he ever does, unlike the Union crowd, they will result in CHURCH scale building.
This is the hour of Nehemiah 8. The gates have all been rebuilt in corners of the Kingdom, the walls have been fought over and re established....but where are the people with the Romans 12.2 renewed minds ready to be able to carry all 12 simultaneously as a thirdlevel church.
As long as we live in the Tree of Good and Evil consciousness we will always remain in partiality , in schism. The leftbrain is just not built to contain God.
That's why we are spirit.
Spirit is Lord of the mansion. The leftbrain, Madame Guyon states (natural mind,surface thoughts) is the butler.

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