Sunday 3 September 2017

Cold Turkey

When the Word comes to our lives we are experiencing two realities. Same when we preach to others.
The Word that we preach or receive is the sense of being everlastingly true.
Meanwhile en route we encounter a reality that says otherwise.
Jesus prophesied to the fishermen...."I will make you fishers of men"
Well come the weekend of the Cross they weren't doing NO FISHING.....they were scarpering. Peter was swearing his worst swear words that "NO I have never met the bastard"....then the cock crowed.
When we preach the realities of Romans 6 and 7 to loving charismatic people, we shouldn't ever underestimate what is about to take place.
My leaders did. They still don't talk to me.
Most of us who now clearly identify with the thirdlevel message still have tons of charismatics not speaking to us.
They have this endearing way of looking glass eyed right through you if you encounter them on the just don't exist. I am not sure which line you are supposed to have crossed....but i think it's the one on the medieval maps that say.....don't cross here, there be dragons!!!!
There are only two spirits in the universe and if we are preaching the only genuine one, the Spirit of the Lord, then we can expect the devil to throw a hissy fit.
Our thirdlevel deliverance is so intrinsic to us, to the core of our being, that we WILL KNOW ABOUT IT!!!
Thirdlevel Christianity is not when your spirit knows its new reality....that is baptism in the Spirit, and even that floods our being. No thirdlevel Chrstianity is when your soul passes from death to life such that it becomes a daily reality to you. It's as real as if God visited you with his Holy Spirit knife, and peeled back a whole layer of your skin without aneasthetic and with you fully conscious on the operating table.
Druggies like in Bob the Cat, have to go through cold turkey, when every cell of your body is weaned off dependency to the drugs....It is really all the cells of your body being switched back on again ready for right functioning, ready for the normal condition of regulating levels.....hormones, correct chemical and water balances and reproduction of worn out cells.
So as weird as it feels , it is actually a positive thing.
Romans 7 is Cold Turkey.
Everything you have done behaviourily...EVEN in your evangelical and charismatic life has STILL BEEN CONNECTED to Genesis 3.
What Revelation 12 calls "MOON LIVING"....
where you honestly believe you don't need direct connection to the sun.....that you need only reflect the glory of the sun at one stage of separation.
Revelation 12 says...forget that whole lifetyle. That whole thing, that former delusion that you called life, but wasn't actually, is now under your feet.
Many of us experience certain aspects slowly under Paul's general heading of
Put off the body of the flesh.
Well obviously that doesn't mean peel of a layer of skin with your Stanley means the Holy Spirit will make you uncomfortable about everything you previously felt was normal in your life, but you never really included God in.
Now He says in proverbs 3
Acknowledge God in everything, all your ways....
The way you swagger like the Fonz or the Detectives in those USA telly series....
The slick ness that you think is dead cool, but the Holy Spirit gives you the eye, and you think....What, that as well????
but it gets worse and worse until in the end you know you need Jesus for everything. There is indeed no such thing as an independent self. Never was.
The Bible describes the worst bit of this form of Cold Turkey as
men doubled up as though in child birth.
Your insides are literally tearing. The fire of God Himself is replacing the fire of self for self as your empowerer.
Anybody know what I am talking about?
I wrote to John Wimber in the 80s and said the main function of prophets in the Body of Christ was to lead the Bride through the altar of incense....
Once past this stage, we are all walking Christ as us. There is nothing to add. In this sense there is a "Death of ministry"....
In another sense we will never reach a stage where we are not Christing each other with some fresh revelation....but its two way....
The Body, built up through that which every joint supplies (when working properly.....when each part is walking in Galatians 2.20 consciousness...when each part has gone beyond the altar of incense into a true thirdlevel John Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress this was after a full work of the Cross and now Christian picks up his new garb and commission, the armour of God).

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