Monday 25 September 2017

Dean Dosherisms

Dean Dosher
throw your dice...fondle your prayer your horoscope...
then be honest...your not special until all are...then you understand...
Kirk Stephens
It's not Paradise until it is Paradise for all.
See heaven yet?
Chris Welch
That's what thirdlevel Christianity is.
Jesus Christ is not content with " forgiving folk"
He is not content with giving " powers" to folk so that they can be distracted from their orphanhood.
The reason everything is taking so long is that He is reproducing a multitude exactly like Him. It is daft. The whole proposition is crazy. Most people are still waiting for a rapture in America.
Buddhists think they are doing the same sort of thing by meditating, but they can bring no sword.
Jesus came to bring a sword. He came to lay the axe to the root.
The root isn't intellectual faith or atheism
The root isn't colour of skin
Or parentage
The root can't even be seen by anybody unless God shines His Light.
But in His Light we see Light
And there remains no Darkness at all. That is the kingdom of heaven on earth.
Not a doctrine.
A being.
A Being.

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