Friday 15 September 2017

The Iniquity of Babel

Stephen Powell shared his ministry gift this week on Facebook

I was thinking about what Stephen Powell said about iniquity. As more of a principality word. As opposed to hamartia, which is individuals crossing lines.
Do you see that Babel was dangerous because iniquity was running ahead like a steam train ahead of hamartia.
Do you realise pyramid power, by its very shape and held together by coercion and terror ,is cheap leverage.
The devil is given " an illegitimate legitimacy " by our say so. The earth is given to the sons of men not angels. So if we for example call upon spirits as Africans are well acquainted with, yes we give their activities legitimacy.... fools that we are.
However if the devil uses pyramid coercion or principality pressure too soon, like at Babel, it's more like iniquity running away with itself before individuals have actually chosen it. So Babel had to be broken up.
Sin is a mystery, because yes, sin is bound up in the heart of a child....but we have to choose our paths. The devil is limited. He is not allowed to bring forth children in the equivalent of the Freemasonry 33rd degree....
People have to deliberately choose by oath every one of the 33 steps. The devil sells it as " steps to god Hood"
But it is really steps to total possession.
It is true in occult dynasty families, parents try to accelerate the process by deliberate measures of Satanic abuse.... but even Eric Claptons famous Layla, who was brought up like this, stubbornly kept choosing God... even though she did have kids by Clapton and Santana.
We don't need to choose the Grand Delusion. Paths into the deep things of Satan under the guise of a New Age Alice Bailey Luciferian Light.
We can shortcircuit many of the prophetic scriptures today by learning to rise in the Spirit and extending Christs rule over the earth. Like Nineveh we don't have to go the hard way, we can reverse the bad cycles by stepping out of it all back into God Himself.

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