Monday 18 September 2017

Looking at the devil but with a "single eye"

If your eye is single your body shall be full of Light.
Who would have thought that pretty much all of Christianity on earth would hinge on this weird obscure phrase tucked in the gospels?
Who has even understood it until this age? Jacob Boehme and Madame Guyon and St Francis maybe? And they burned Guyon.
When Jesus said
Now is the Son of Man glorified and the ruler of this world shall be cast out.
But then added .... the devil is coming for me but he has nothing in me...
Guess what facebookers and Romans 3 to 5ers.....
Jesus was doing all that with a single eye
In the same way that we in Him do in these days. We look fully at what the devil is doing and how he is doing it
But with a single eye....
What does a single eye look like?
It means staring straight at Pontius Pilate , saying very little but....
You would have no power over me but that my Father in heaven give it to you...
That's the single eye right there....
Not the Preterist or Gracebook
There is no devil
Or it has all been completed in 70AD
That's not the single eye
That's Stanley Kubricks Both "Eyes wide shut"
And let me tell you why that is dangerous
Because as we saw with the first and second world wars and then Vietnam....
The enormity of what the devil can do through compliant men is so enormous, whole generations worldwide are still atheist because of the godless shock.
This is why I am so angry with Facebookers in this relatively peaceful lull in the are sowing lies that result in a whole generation of more people unprepared and yet worse atheism and despair as a result.
You look upon appearances.... I look upon the result of your false spirit by which you write and condemn it utterly.

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