Wednesday 29 November 2017

Lucifer in church?

Some of you know that I was thrown out physically from what was a "good church". Emsworth Christian Church.....probably culminating in the "glory" conference of 1984 after Ian McCulloch had spent time fasting in a caravan on Winsley and getting a whole new direction on "glory", what I would call the thirdlevel, or the Shekinah glory aspect of the thirdlevel.
What you don't know are these surrounding facts

  • Maeve who had led Bono to the Lord, brought a picture of a bowl of fruit going off.
  • Sally Prideaux  (the one a few posts back  who had been converted then LEFT QUICKLY out of Children of God Sect in the early 70s) had a picture of me stepping out of the swimming pool onto the side and walking away never to return. This is a lovely picture similar to Bethsaida  when Jesus says to the cripple in the charismatic you want to hang around waiting for an Angel or do you want ME. Which is another aspect of the thirdlevel
  • There used to be prayer meetings in the yard at Winsley and either here, or as I was led to march round the property 7 times during the time  immediately before they threw me out....I was aware of a huge octopus spider type strength with its tentacles/legs over the whole church
  • Telltale  was the fact that when the current grace doctrines that are now commonplace here, from Romans were being shared, very very few of us went to Brighton to hear more. This was mid 80s

Then after this in Havant church 2002-12  I was really conscious that so little of the praise and worship was going anywhere.  It's like there was a ceiling , and so rarely did the church push through.
So now, understanding that the only safe place, the only safe place....
is the secret place of the Most High
the thirdlevel
the Holiest Place BEYOND the altar of incense
or in Jewish Feast terms  BEYOND the Day of Atonement and into Tabernacles

And that any church that halfheartedly sings praise songs without real connection with Jesus  is now so liable to being diverted by the Fallen worship leader himself.

Hear this  talk

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