Wednesday 1 November 2017

The Use of the word Ego

Brer Rabbit deals with his ego....NOT

Let's have a little peer at the word ego....first a passage....
We can’t ask God for the “miracle” of things happening the way we want them to happen; the miracle is when we think about things the way God would have us think about them. Spirit blesses, while the ego blames. Spirit forgives, while the ego attacks. Spirit allows, while the ego defends. Spirit is fully available in the present, while the ego is attached to past or future. In every moment we make a decision, consciously or unconsciously, whether to be host to God or hostage to the ego.
Williamson, Marianne. Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment (Kindle Locations 832-836).
Chris Welch Every few months I will repeat how I see things.
Ego is a cheat word.
It is a Greek Word.
It cheats because if it is bad, as in hubris, what are we going to do about it?
If as some use it, it is a good word about our essence, what on earth is this status about?
The Bible only honours Christ as my life, our lives hidden in Christ with God.
To even use "ego" we are raising a hell man, some creature divised in hell, and someone we are meant to battle with....but never truly had an existence.
In terms of things really happening, only God is happening.
This is clear in Ezekiel 47 about the River. Anything at all outside that river is not God going on.
The solution to ego is to realise it is part of
"then were the eyes of Adam and Eve opened" see, to sense....MORE THAN GOD.
By using the word ego we are perpetuating confusion. If as Julius Caesar writes, the Greeks are the tribe of Dan, then it was Dan that invented this word ego.
When the man said to Jesus "Good teacher" and the Spirit within Jesus bristled so he asked, who are you calling good, there is only one who is good.
So when people use the word ego, the Spirit says, who are you calling ego? There is only one who is ego in that raw sense, and it is Satan in his own private cult of independence , of "more than God going on" that what you are saying? Well say it. But if not.....who are you calling bad?

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