Sunday 29 April 2018

Paul Noble and Breaking of Bread

Paul and Fran Noble

10 April 2018 10:08
Paul Noble is breaking bread most days with Fran his wife.
Why will that work?
Because actually , it ties us into the proverbs 3 scripture , acknowledge Him in all your ways. All sorts of daily everyday events.

Secondly because it’s ground zero of our believing. You know first levellers and secondlevellers don’t like Romans 6 and 7. Or they interpret it.
It doesn’t need interpreting. It is accurate.
But long before we can actually “ take” thirdlevel doctrine full on, God gets us doing two things early.
Praying in tongues , so our leftbrain can’t continually go..... hey I don’t believe that.... that’s too extreme

And breaking bread.

Breaking bread in the Spirit is Gods way of getting us habituated in the Spirit to being dead in Christ and eating Him and drinking Him, and learning that I have died, it really isn’t me that lives, but Christ fused to my new spirit who lives in me as me, as one thing.

This is the antidote to Genesis 3 separation thinking.

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