Sunday 29 April 2018

Hindu Plan to rid India of Christians by 2025

This is a result of a conversation I had with John Moses Ghandham  in early April

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7 April 2018 09:14
John Moses Gandham underlined again a massive problem brewing in India. He is in Andhra Pradesh known as AP.

Hindus are in power over all India and it is their stated aim to rid India of Christians by 2025.
In provinces with radical Hinduism like AP this means the following is occurring.

One of the local pastors has had both hands cut off.
A Christian woman was praying on her roof when someone struck her head with an iron bar and she died.

I said this is becoming an Esther situation on a huge scale where one type of people want to commit genocide or curtail the freedom of belief of another. But it requires not natural intervention but a people or person with an Esther calling to speak into the heart of that government over all India and bring justice and stop this Hindu plan in its tracks.

Part of this must be Christianity gaining enormous grounds through the preaching of baptism in the Spirit. It starts to confront the spiritual territory of their own believing. Whereas traditional evangelical preaching has generally been no match for their own signs and wonders culture.

The real gospel of the Kingdom which rides all waters is the three level gospel of the apostles see 1 JOHN 2, which is like Noah’s boat which has three floors. Ghandi himself saw through even Andrew Murray’s preaching in South Africa when he visited , and concluded it wasn’t as deep spiritually as what he was into, and never as far as we know submitted to Christ.

I loved this singing by John Moses Ghandham.  He needs money for a good keyboard.
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