Sunday 29 April 2018

The Mystery of Collectives or Mastermind groups

7 April 2018 22:54
Many things happen in collectives.
Not all. There are still the Edison’s who work alone with 1000 attempts at a lightbulb.
I am watching a documentary about Spielberg.
He was part of a happening. A collective of passionate committed moviemakers.

I don’t fully understand the phase
Where the dead body is there the eagles gather .... but boy it applies to revival , the Cross and collective moves of God as called expressions of the Body of Christ.

Artist communities form. The 1920s in Paris.
For better or worse there was the Darmstadt bunch of Musicians in the 40s and 50s.

There was the Manchester collective of new composers .

Same often happens in breakthrough science.
Silicon Valley is known for tech.

There’s a mystery involved in how so many suddenly gather out of nowhere, and virtually all the bunch goes on to become a “ name “ in their own gifting.

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