Sunday 1 April 2018

The rise of two groups

What we see this Easter is almost like the raising of two peoples.
Jesus prophesied that brother would rise against brother. Spiritually we now see quite clearly those who accept Romans 3 to 5 and are content.
But we see also a lesser but growing number who press through to their real identities and learn Romans 6 to 8 firsthand.
Now the first group , understanding only first things, (which the writer of Hebrews strongly addresses in Hebrews 6,) are dull of hearing and only hear Law, and commandments, not unsurprisingly since in their day to day lives they are still rebellious.
They view themselves as the now forgiven prodigal Son returning home to feasting and fasting, and an elder brother who is spouting Law and commandments , they think , in the form of what one calls deeper truth, Romans 6 and 7, messages about taking up your cross, and falling into the ground and dying.
In reality the Elder brother knows neither
Unconditional love
Nor the deeper truths about Genesis 3 and identity.
But the returning prodigal mixes the one , the Elder brother with the other, the now skipping upon the mountains saint who has found resurrection life.

Jesus position with the proud Peter , the night before His own trial,
Wasn’t to be an elder Brother figure pointing out yet more laws and commandments, but one by the spirit laying bare who Simon Peter still thought he was , as an “ independent being”.
Jesus did this by the power of the Spirit using a prophetic word of knowledge, since there is no way humanly He could have known Peter would have done 3 actual denials within the time period that the early morning cock decides to crow three times.

Peter was convinced Jesus was wrong. The Elder brother coming out with nonsense.
Events would be Simons undoing.

We who are mature are going to be used increasingly in this way to reveal to people by the Spirit their own folly.

This will be received as “ Elder brother religious tosh”
But it isn’t , it is coming by the Spirit.

But you can see quite distinctly that there are emerging these two groups within the church, and those who are foolish will be caught up in the attempt generally to rid the world of Christ and Christians. The Lord has to show them in real time the false spirit they are living from, and indeed that there are only two spirits it is possible to live from.

So just as Jesus was consigned to death by the very spirit the disciples were still living in.... and they did absolutely nothing in All the events leading to Jesus death.... so the immature Christians are also to be caught out in real time, in order that they learn the utter awfulness of the human condition, whereby we make a proper repentance out of the whole Genesis 3 condition.

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