Monday 23 July 2018

Attempts to Arrest the Pope

An arrest was  attempted on Pope Francis in Geneva Switzerland 21stJune  of this year 's summer solstice .The arrest warrant had been issued on May 30 and was to be executed 21st June in Geneva Switzerland during aWorld Council of churches meeting in which Pope Frances was going to be in attendance.
He was also to be in attendance at a secret meeting to take place at the stroke of midnight 21st in which a human child sacrifice was going to be performed by Pope Francis Well June 21 came and went and due to a tremendous media blackout no one knows exactly what went down that day..
If you follow mainstream media story you believe nothing happened ......not the case at all.
Common law sheriffs who were armed and having an arrest warrant confronted and restrained temporarily the Pope as he approached the ecumenical centre where he was scheduled to address the delegates at the world council of churches on Thursday 21st

And after a Struggle between the sheriffs and the Vatican security the Pope was rushed into a security vehicle that was waiting there for him and two of the sheriffs were heavily beaten and are currently in hospital.

A proposed 9th circle child sacrifice ritual scheduled for the same day as the arrest was cancelled. Although the common law arrest warrant was recognised by Interpol authorities plus judicial and police authorities in Spain , America , Russia and Serbia, 14 members were still placed under arrest by Geneva police.
Presently there is concern about the risks to the team member lives due to the fact that the Vatican personnel who beat the operatives remain part of the investigation by Geneva police.

( The Vatican main army is actually known as the Swiss Guard and all members are Swiss)
Bergoglio had been confirmed as one chosen to participate in a child sacrifice, therefore the intervention can be regarded as a success in terms of stopping that ritual from taking place in the same Geneva basilica where children were reported missing in 2014, and ritual killing was indicated.
On March 30th Frances Bergoglio was issued an arrest warrant for the trafficking of children. The order called for an immediate apprehension of Bergoglio as a convicted felon and a threat to the safety of children.

Back on  July 18  2014 Bergoglio was convicted in a Brussels court of trafficking

Christine, my son and I were actually in Rome's Vatican State exactly seven days after the attempt to arrest the Pope. That day the Pope inducted a fresh Cardinal. We were quire shocked by the police presence everywhere, not only guarding St Peter's Square but all round the neighbouring streets.
We had absolutely no idea of what happened in Geneva the week before and indeed only internet reports seem available as there has been a complete media blackout.

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This is the actual testimony of an ex nun nearly 40 years ago

I haven't included this last clip for two reasons, one functional.
I haven;t really got any video clip editing material and secondly the Bases clip contains much material about aliens that I do not understand.
Isaiah Sitchin is mentioned at one point but I read that he also is a product of Tavistock Institute .
Nevertheless in the 44th minute Erin Rothschild does confirm the story about Satanic rituals under the Vatican.

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