Thursday 13 January 2022

More Voiceovers of the Yes I Am book by Norman Grubb

Yes I Am was written in 1985 by Norman Grubb who had then been leading Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade for 60 years. I always stress that as well as the Five commissions that the Lord gave him to successfully implement, another outstanding feature is that he left Cambridge for the mission field two months before his finals at Cambridge University. Who would even do that , "glittering prizes " an 'all ??!!!??
The more people understand each carefully selected phrase and sentence, the more you start to appreciate what a book this is . And even doing a voiceover brings this ever clearer.
You realise that apart from Jacob Boehme and Madam Guyon who was burned for it by the Catholic Church , there are so few that have attempted to articulate the mystery of something that just isn't really leftbrain. In fact the very reason Jesus was forced to speak in parables.

The complete series starts on my blog here and then you just proceed with Next Buttons or the post index at the side of the page if you use the webpage layout.

These are the voiceovers I have just completed.

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Chris, met you on- line a NUMBER WINGS OF THE WIND) of years ago and have lost contact with you and your ministry! Living in Las Vegas Nevada U.S. Would love to renew contact with you. (Wings of the Wind Ministries).