Thursday 8 January 2009

2009 Prophecy through Mark Stibbe

This is drawn from the Father's House website resource - see blog links section
sensed the Father saying the following. 2009 is a year of birthing new ventures, ministries, and pioneering 'out of the box' churches, in a time of encroaching and increasing darkness. These births will be the subject of attack, just as the birth of Jesus was. But the attacks will not succeed because the new wineskins that are being formed are being formed covertly. Life is going to break out in a time of judgement.
What is born this year, though small in size, will have massive significance in terms of destiny. Each delivery will result in a ministry of great deliverance. In fact what is being born in 2009 has a nation changing potential in some cases, and reformation potential in others. Isaiah 60 verses 1 to 3 are crucial, verse 3 especially. Even great leaders and thinkers are going to be drawn to the pin pricks of light coming from these new things. All this will come out of hiddenness. Humility and holiness are therefore very very important. As at the birth of Jesus there is going to be a radical increase in the supernatural, including signs in the sky, increased prophetic revelation and visitations of angels. Expect more miracles, more in number and more in quality. This is definitely a time for pressing in for the even greater things of John 14, though it will be on the streets that this will be most evident. The power of God is moving outside the house.
These new births are taking place in a time of increasing difficulty for those who put their trust in material things. There will be great problems suffered by many as the lights start to go out. There will be storms of unusual intensity, power cuts, and floods. More institutions are going to implode. Basic commodities will become more and more scarce. Unemployment will rise dramatically.
The new born ministries will however be in place to help those in need, as the revived churches in the New York prayer revival were in 1857. In 1857-9 the US revival involved the business world and happened in the context of a great economic meltdown. I detect a similar dynamic today.
There will be revivals breaking out in unusual places - Bethlehems, as it were - but it will not be revival as we have known it. It will be out of the box and incarnational.... Born in stables more than synagogues. There will be unusual financial miracles as gold is brought to these infant ministries - as at the nativity. If the ministry is born of the Sprit, there will be no recession for the people of God. Wealth will be redistributed. Josephs are going to be raised up to store for the poor. God is calling what I can only describe as holy Robin Hoods who will take what the rich have and give it to the poor.
This is truly a time to be born. Ministries conceived in 08 are about to be delivered. Timing is vital. We can't force the moment. When the contractions start, that's the time to PUSH, Pray Until Something Happens!

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