Saturday 17 January 2009

Miscellany and apology

If you want to see a post of victory



In A Third Level look At Ministry in the comments section I got so excited I used the word "babes".

Can I underline that this was said in a jokey fashion. The only legitimate relations in the Kingdom are "mothers,fathers,brothers, sisters,sons or daughters in the faith" and these are only valid in as much as we seek to do the will of God. So even these are not valid in their own right, but only in the context of moving onward to the Throne of God together.

One of the distinctives of "cult leaders" is inappropriate relationships. If there is any of that still lying around in my spirit...then let's get it out in the Name of Jesus. It is true that what I am saying is still pretty rare...but if I'm pushing the envelope my desire is to be an Ed Miller type taxi-driver to the throne of God, a waymarker with an arrow going straight through his middle.(There's a verse for that you Bible scholars Psalm 84:5 "Blessed are the men whose strength is in whose heart are the highways to Zion.") This I believe is the Holy Spirit technical manual description of any minister . Cult leaders build pyramids based on fear like their father the Mafia boss himself...the Devil. Anyone wanting to study a cult from the inside read Children of God's founder's daughter's book: The Children of God the Inside Story by Deborah Davis


I've never been too sure about girls!!!


If any of you are ever depressed download this file of David Carr speaking to Salt and Light Leaders. look down page to 4/3/07

You will learn the difference between the English and the Afro ministries, how you should use Horlicks, the nature of UK Songs of Praise on TV, How to speak brummie, and many things you should not otherwise know...oh plus loadsa miracles. Sounds like Dan will probably never be depressed again...but if he is...this one's for him....and Leonard will probably love this guy!!!!


Ursula said...

Well, I thought it was just a saying you were using...don't think any offence was created Chris! Some people can get too picky and read into things, your heart was in the right place!

Jamie said...

DANG!!! At my age, I found it a compliment!! :)

Offense not given, nor taken.

Leonard said...

I'm planning on doing a post some time soon titled babes, I like the babes, among other things they usually smell better then us...

Chris I've gotta forward you that email I got about being politically correct, its a hoot...

lydia said...

It's all good Chris, I just thought you were happy and having fun, it didn't phase me at worries!

Leonard said...

see, told ya.