Friday 16 January 2009

I got back from a Stuart Townend tuning session to find this...

It has several important rings to it. Some, totally unknown to Sally Roberts, who has only started reading this blog since she will be unaware of the Nicholas and Pam connection with the northern countries. She is also unaware that is was Sally Prideaux who i wrote about here in Dan's blog (I'll try and find was the dream Sally had about me getting out of the "charismatic/2nd level " swimming pool and beginning to walk,never to return. She shared this completely at variance with every other leader, who had gathered together to speak the word of Miriam and Aaron getting leprosy over me, for my "rebellion". Dan is familiar with that type of thing.
Sally Roberts email. Christine and I met her and her 2 "grownups" by Godsident on Havant Station on our way to London Zoo with Ben - Hence the connection with Don about Rock hopper Penguins by the way.

Hi Chris
I couldn't open the music yet, will need to download the DVD X programme later.

Just thought it was a good time to tell you about the dream I had sometime ago. I originally wrote it in a letter to you dated 29/08/07 but I felt very strongly at the time that it would only be appropriate when you finally received the message. So here it is:

I will write it exactly as it is in the letter:

'I am barely awake but I am overwhelmed to write to you. Rarely this has happened in my life when I have felt so strongly to get a message to someone through a dream.

In my dreams, I always remembered your address in Emsworth but on waking , the details had gone.

Recently, I have had several dreams urging me to contact you but the last two nights, the dreams have said a lot more. I dreamed a lot about my time in Bible House, which is in retrospect, unusual for me - especially as it is now over 23 years ago! The dream at first was showing me that I was about to see the fruition of my greatest dreams and of course it was one of those fabulous dreams, never to be forgotten.

As the dream moved on I spent the remainder of the dream looking for you. Even recalling old dreams within the dream, of how long I have been searching for you with vain attempts to get this message to you. In this particular dream I seemed to walk for miles, constantly asking people if they had seen you but no-one had.

Then I saw you in church, not Emsworth but Frank and Sally were also there. In the dream I was a little cross with them as they knew that I had been looking for you. You expressed concern to them, that I was not myself today, so you invited me for a cup of tea but I was still desperately trying to give you the message that I had carried for so long. (though at this point I did not know what the message was!)

Finally, we arrive at Frank and Sally's house for tea, and there are 2 or 3 children there, aged about 9 or 10, though not Frank and Sally's children. As I went to give yo the message, the children challenged my knowledge of languages. The young girl spoke to me in Finnish but I did not understand, the boy then spoke in another language. When I asked what it was, he said, 'Polish!'

I spoke a few words in Russian, which seemed to impress but alas no-one understood Russian! I was asked to speak in French or Spanish but I was reluctant as I knew that you were fluent in both and I had forgotten most of mine!

Again, I tried to speak the message, but the words would not come - Suddenly I awoke and spoke out loud, 'ok! ok! I'll write. I'll get the message to Chris!'

A scripture came to my mind in my semi-conscious state, in the dream I knew where in the Bible it was written and I knew there was a second half to the scripture, however, now half-awake I only knew the first half but I knew the receiver of the message would know the second half.

I recall these words, ' The Lord will make the way ahead clear for you....' The second half was about the rewards you would reap on doing this and it was a list of rewards but I do not recall anything else.

I also felt that I was not alone in the meaning of the first dream, that the message, 'you are about to realise some of your greatest dreams' said to me, was also meant for you.'

I know this may sound batty and maybe I am just getting old; the message could have been anything. I have studied dreams in psychology and I am down to earth and understand that often dreams are often our minds sub-consciously trying to tell us something about ourselves but this dream was different; I have had a rare few in my lifetime like this - it seemed different. It was always a matter of urgency and seemed to keep on recurring.

If it all sounds a load of baloney, just bin it, I would not be offended but I know I would like to sleep better, now that for my part I have past the 'message' on!!!

God Bless

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