Tuesday 6 January 2009

Christine gave up a lot for me......

This is one of a handful of people who were in the first ever meeting held in a lounge in a house, of what became East Midlands Christian Fellowship. This church, just 30 years on, is now scattered for miles around Derby, whose centre is located right next door to Egg Bank HQ on Pride Park in Derby and under the leadership of Mark Mumford, whose God -given vision was to move beyond the lounge and small backwoods meeting halls around Eastwood, to being a hub church for the East Midlands area.

The person pictured is not Mark Mumford, but Christine my wife!
At the time we were married in 1998,I was not in a church. I'd been thrown out of the 2nd Level. Forcibly. And had spent about 10 years exploring the 3rd Level.
So she gave up a massive growing network for a crazy lone visionary who still has to be proved right!!

Amazingly, another church took us in....After 9 months we learned who was leading it. We've been there 10 years, and a year ago we chatted with the leadership!!!!! And even after that they let us stay. Perhaps we're there under provisional contract!! Every so often Jesus gives me a key prophetic Word...which I'm rather glad about....because it makes it harder for them to chuck me out. It's by no means sure though....because I'd given tons of key Words of prophecies and Key prophetic songs in the last setup.....so you can never be quite sure. Still it keeps you on your toes and trusting in Jesus, rather than the setup.

All this to say - Christine found a set of key leadership messages which are free to download from her former Salt and Light network. I've started listening to them. I'd hesitate to foist them on anyone....cos Jesus knows what everyone needs and Sheila and Tim do leadership stuff themselves for example.....so I'll do a St Paul and say I recommend, that is me and not the Lord, but maybe I have the Spirit of the Lord in this.....particularly the Mark Stibbe and Mark Mumford messages(down the page)


Sheila Atchley said...

Beautiful lady! Chris, you should marry her! Oh wait...you already did. :-)

You both are a team, and I pray that you are of immense blessing to the leadership of the church you are now part of. I pray God knits you into lives who need the sweetness of your spirits, the vision of your third level outlook - to be a father and a mother in Zion. THAT is quite a messy business...but you seem to be willing.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

That means so much Sheila. Thankyou.
I've heard more of Mark Stibbe's messages. They are an awesome prophetic statement on Noah and today's church and evangelism. I think you'll both love them.

Christine has been mothering in Zion today!!!!!

Leonard said...

Dose she got any sisters ???

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

We'll clone one for you.
She's lovely.
Actually her sister is not quite the same at all,
she is not a Christian yet. her name is Margaret.

lydia said...

Aww, I love pictures and I love love stories.....!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Lydia joy. many thx. Great to hear from you...and I notice Julie is getting up some headsteam again