Wednesday 14 January 2009

Why Dan's post was important

This is simply to carry on from the comments on the last post.
Today has been hard but really good. I went down to the west country to pick up a piano and remove it near here. I've been trying to concentrate on my mp3 music of Haydn among other things....but I've been really excited all day. And not just cos I was tuning first thing in Nutbourne Chapel recording studios, for Stuart Townend, who is recording another of his worship CDs....

No I was listening into heaven...and this is what I heard....

You know the Las Vegas sound of one arm bandit machines clicking and down tumbles countless coins... well , this was the sort of thing I was hearing in the Spirit. Dan did something in the spirit in the last post, that in the Cinderella world of the Kingdom....unlocked something which is having ongoing repercussions. Something just shifted in heaven. And I'm excited.
Every so often people do it. Here are some examples:

The widow giving Elijah her last bit of oil.
Peter suddenly blurting out: You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God
A particular girl in Wales....could even have been Jessie Penn Lewis herself...which was one of the main keys in the lock to the 1906 revival
A widow in Jonghi Cho's church in South Korea who put her rice bowl up for auction,(Ithink she even stood in it) and a millionaire bought it. Which started to the biggest church in the world.
Then there was Job.Refusing to curse God. He was brought lower and lower and lower. Then after a direct encounter with him choosing to pray for his friends....then again gold machines of heaven suddenly whirred again...not just money...we're talking the spiritual gold of glory.
See, as I've written before....the devil was in the midst of absolute glory when he eternally decided to rise up and try to usurp the One true God of heaven. He then insinuated himself into our line. But the nature of Adam's offense was not of the same order. It did not originate with Adam. And although it was in a still perfect was not in the eternal realm of glory.

Each time a believer doggedly chooses right.......on and on and on.....refusing to capitulate....
eventually the heavenly tumblers fall....and some element of what was locked up under Adam,
springs open in the Holy Spirit. And He who the Son sets free....IS FREE INDEED>>>FOREVER.

Because if we can choose things in a fallen world...then we can sure choose them forever in glory.
And we become safe sons. What Norman calls "safe Spirit Operators".


Sheila Atchley said...

I depend on this sort of freedom- I *know* it exists and it is a present reality, as well as available IN OUR DAY BY DAY EXPERIENCE!

I always love your fresh perspective.

Ursula said... confuse me. Today I got you straight off. Oh yeah, its little things that shift the spiritual realm...because as Heidi says, everything is Holy. Every choice, everything we do, none of it is more holy or less holy. But every so often, someone does something, and usually not knowing...they shift heaven. Suddenly all of heaven turns and listens...and a significant change has happened on earth, in the spiritual realm. thank you, you blessed me!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

But every so often, someone does something, and usually not knowing

Actually I didn't expressly say that....but I'm glad you did...because I forgot.

The Cinderella Kingdom is the little sister diligently cleaning up for everyone else who seems to be in the limelight. Only to discover that she IS The Limelight... and pretty soon her inward beauty is proclaimed as the central thing. And all those examples this is so.

Sorry if I confuse you. I am saying things that up to this point only literally a handful of people are saying.

I've found it positively enlightening trying to answer queries or fill out what others are saying. I really felt it was the Holy Spirit clarifying things for me at one point when He nudged me towards the furniture in the Holy of Holies. Isi and Rob are talking a lot about the corporate glory Presence above the Mercy Seat. Norman Grubb is talking about the Gold of the Christ Life, both inside and outside of the Ark of the Covenant. Isi and Rob talk a lot about the empowering of the Holy Spirit which overshadows us. Norman talks about how Christ changes and transforms our very natures.Saul knew all the flash anointing, David did too...but only David was in tune with the heart of God, to the extent that he let himself be transformed from the inside out. "The Three Kings" by Gene Edwards is amazing and will have anyone in tears. Saul,David and Absolom....but it is really all about David's heart.

I hope my previous post about you did not confuse you too much.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Wow it's been ages sice I saw a new name. Welcome Ruth. After doing this a few months, you begin to understand the Herculaen accomplishment of Dan Bowen. And in his case...during quite unsettled periods. it would be like me trying to do it during my lows in Bible House in the 80s.
Unless you actually do this stuff, you cannot really express the highs and lows....the joy that someone is actually getting something from it.
All my "followers" for instance just kind of sit there in an unnerving fashion....and you wonder what on earth they are thinking. One of them then just left 2 months ago and you wonder if he was with the KGB or something!! So in that context Ruth , thankyou.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Ruth the thought of you in a sauna with the computer kind of tickles me