Sunday 5 July 2009

An English resurrection and what maturity is for

The gist of this morning's meeting in Havant
One of the churches Peter Stott visits and whose leaders have some input here is Shinewater Fellowship in Eastbourne.

Peter shared this news this morning.
There is a barber in Shinewater fellowship. A man collapsed dead in his salon. Paramedics were called. His death was ascertained. Presumably no pulse.

Therefore it was with great difficulty that the barber could get near to pray for the dead man.
Obviously Britain's paramedics need cluing up in the same way as Bill Johnstone's "prayer for the dead squad"...which is now officially recognised. But this is Britain.

Sheer forcefulness prevailed and the barber did eventually pray. The dead man immediately sat upright and his eyes sprung open!!!
I think the paramedic /s was/were shocked.

This happened in England. In one of our little associated fellowships.
This is encouraging!

The gist of the rest of the meeting is following on from the current emphasis here:
maturing through sufferings.

Romans 8 clearly connects the love of God towards us actually IN the sufferings we experience.
The first thing we always feel is the full impact of the pain of the suffering. This is real.
The devil always lies that such and such a thing is evidence that we are abandoned by God, that we are worthless to Him. The truth is God in us is suffering too, and working things to greater glory; in us and through us.

There are two sufferings. One caused by our own failings.
But the other is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with us. Or rather because we have received an alien Life at complete odds with the system of the world...yes there is friction. But instead of being cowed by all this, in these days we will learn to rise above it, as we understand this too is a thing of glory. It is an effect of having received God's own glorious Life within us.

The other impact from what Peter shared connected our new relationship back with the Father,
with our own maturation as sons. I recorded clips from this morning on my mobile camcorder, but forgot it was not set to record sound!!!
He said that we love the aspect of God the Father coming close to us and revealing His love to us. The world is not too impressed with this. What impresses them is how God's people go through amazing trials and difficulties and still stand.

This is more of the context in which Romans 8 is written when it says "All the earth is waiting/groaning for the revealing of the sons of God."

This mature, divine species of life that overcomes, that somehow rides out a storm to the glory of God.

I am reminded of the words in the Upper Room when Jesus knew His time was come to be glorified. Now we understand and restrict this to the resurrection and ascension to sit at the right hand of God the Father. The Father looks at it differently, viewing the WHOLE process from here on in as the Son glorifying the Father...
His cruel sufferings
how He managed Himself when all betrayed Him,
when He stuck back the guard's ear severed by Peter
standing through a fake trial
going through the cross
the whole deal.

This is truly third level, Fatherlevel stuff...and this is what God is currently birthing in His Church.

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