Sunday 19 July 2009

Reply to Julie Betterton's Facebook Group

Julie Betterton who lives local to us has set up a Facebook Group examining plans for next year's Big Church Day Out
Big Church Day Out 2010 - who would you like to see perform, present, talk?
The aim of this group is to find out what artists you would like to see perform, present or give a talk at next years BCDO. I will forward the info onto BCDO. I was one of the 14,000 that attended "...

Chris Welch reply
I believe the Church is coming into a whole new thing ... so I believe all Christian events from now on have to reflect this. Part of this is reflected by the many new movements like Prayer 24/7, Lakeland Florida and Dudley England. It's no new• thing that Christians are spearheading aid to the poor and disadvantaged, orphanages, third world aid, etc Salvation Army, Church Army and Methodists have been doing this for years. What is new is that it is becoming more unselfconscious, with less fanfare... it's just happening... like Boys Town in Mexico after 13 months of continuous prayer. Or like Rolland and Heidi Baker, now tied directly in with introducing people to the real Presence of God. In the area of music we've had praise, and we've had new sounds and bands but the next thing that is happening is like the musicians in Chronicles. These guys had to be at least 30, skilled in music and the Word. What is breaking forth now is something like pure spirit mediated through all the modern means.It will be like Hill songs/Michael W Smith and Delirious but with so much Presence everyone falls on their face like in Chronicles. It's the vision Jordi Pradas and I had 30 years ago, whose partial and baby fulfilment was in the Argentine revival stadiums of the 80s .... but nothing, I repeat nothing like we are going to see. Thousands will find themselves instantly healed just as the Presence of God falls.

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