Tuesday 21 July 2009

Fritz Kuhla Baby Grand trial

Never done this before. I have just finished reconditioning a Fritz Kuhla Baby Grand which is ready for sale on our website www.piano-s.com
Thought I'd try it out after tuning it and video the results on my little Samsung D 900 phone.
Surprisingly the tone of the grand is lovely - even over the mpeg4 format of the phone.
The piece is by Mike Herron, former Music Director of the large church Ed Miller had connections with - Bible Temple in Oregon. A song based on Psalm 103.


lydia said...


Unknown said...

That was absolutely beautiful!!!

Joan Reilly said...

Very nice. I'm hooked up to my streamer now. Definitely worth the trouble!

Joan Reilly

Shirley said...

Absolutely beautiful. I have found music that once again brings pictures within and instantly brings me to a place of intimate prayer and communion with God. Wow!