Sunday 12 July 2009

King's Wedding photos by Sally Anne Roberts

30 years ago I used to direct productions at Emsworth Christian Church. One of the people who got *dynamited *into the kingdom at that time was called Sally Ann Roberts. (*Ern Baxter expression). Sally is wearing a blue top with light blue slacks, I'm in the dodgy diamond jumper.
Sally kept soldiering on even though I told her to get rid of all her worldly records, like Cliff Richard's "Small Corners". It had a drum beat!! Yes , we were the church where the main leader preached in all sincerity that "All aerobics was of the devil!"

You grace people simply have no idea! You need to be locked up in my dungeon for at least a month!

So Sally comes up one day with this idea that I couldn't get my head round....since it was mixing Disneyesque mouse anthromorphisms with the Marriage of the Bride to the Bridegroom Jesus.
But you know what? It worked!
I hate how these new believer's behave, messing up all your previous cast in stone convictions!
I mean, if God was going to give new believers revelation and anointing then in the Parable of the Prodigal son, the Father would have gathered all his clothing round his middle and run towards the Prodigal like a maniac, wouldn't he?
Oh....he did!


Sally Anne Roberts (and proud of my name ) said...

so tell me then Chris, what was with Antshillvania? I had nothing to do with that one! you had everyone dressed up as ants with headbands with springy balls on their heads. Don't tell me I was the first mad one - I learned it all from you :O)

Don't be fooled - Chris loves it all really :O) I liked the Sower, the Seed and the Scarecrow best and your Scripted, unscripted Chris. (I still got that script - can post it on to you if you want :O) )

Sally AnnE Roberts said...

oh it's Anne with an 'e'.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Sorry about the name, I have duly changed it.

As for Antshillvania, it was all ant-thromorphism by jimmy and Carol Owen.

The disturbing genius behind the kings Wedding was you were dealing two types of images at 2 levels. For some reason it worked!

I have forgotten about the scarecrow one...but I vaguely remember scripted unscripted. Do you know how to scan and use onscreen character recognition OCR to produce a file which you can email? or is it simpler to post? I'd love to see it again.

Sally Anne with an e Roberts said...

i've got 'scripted unscripted', and another called 'self service christianity,' they were both yours but i am not scanning any of mine cos you always got all da praise for them ha ha ha.

as for 'scanning and how to use onscreen character recognition OCR to produce a file which you can email?' if you mean scan to file and send yes of course i can do that - i am a teacher lol

:O) u funny but i wil see what else i have of yours


ps thanks for al the compliments but really not necessary :O)

'er again said...

oh one last thing the two types of images on one level, i still use that technique today in my work, though it tends to be a lot of cats now! the kids love it!

Anonymous said...

oh one last thing, you delvered the sower, the seed and the scarecrow in a country bumkin accent and sung 'i'm a scarecrow in father God's field flipperty flop flop flop flipperty flop as i danced around the stage as a scarecrow complete with straw and a cut out pillowcase on me 'ead.
lmao all good fun all good fun!!!!

nothings changed i'm still dancing around the stage telling stories lol but i love it and so do the kids :OP

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Perhaps I screened out the scarecrow stuff....the trauma!!

Yes I suppose as a teacher you would tend to know how to scan to file...sorry.

Where are Lydia Joy and Shawna when you need them? They don't know all this embarrassing stuff!

Sakky Anne Roberts said...

Do you remember 'self service christianity' that you wrote? you never finished it. Now that was way ahead of its time, you should resurrect tht one, it was really good!

Then you are quite a good actor yourself Chris as well as an outstanding musician!

When you play, you really inspire me :O)


Sally Anne Roberts said...

oops hit the k insteady of the l now it looks bad - so much for being a teacher! lol

jlopeznoel said...

Our school is looking for the Ants'hillvania script... I saw you mention it earlier... Do you happen to still have the script?? We would be so greatful. If you can email me at

Thank you :)