Friday 17 July 2009

Pam,the pilot and the peaked cap.

(Pilot picture and cartoon have no resemblance to the real personnages.)

Fini and Isi De Gersigny might like this one. So, anyway, Nicholas and Pam have been staying with us. They are leaving tomorrow for the arctic regions.

Pam shared of an airport incident. I think it was Anchorage. She deliberately put on a Lakeland teeshirt hoping to attract the attention of someone who had been there last year.
She sure did.
A pilot came across and announced that he had been there, and that originally he had been in Bethel Church (Bill Johnson's church). He was now part of a church plant in Atlanta.

While he was in Bethel he had seen a vision of a big golden angel who had announced that he was an angel of provision for the Church. He had received an anointing to pray over people for provision, and that people's needs be met, in the service of the King.

Ofcourse Pam asked that he pray for them. Pam also prayed for the pilot. The slight problem was that as he was still in uniform, people were still coming up to him to ask questions. Gradually as both of them were decidedly worse for wear, as they were praying over each other in the concourse, the pilot decided to turn the peak of his hat round, so he would look less official.

By this time , both of them were very wobbly and feeling decidedly drunk. Hopefully, the pilot was coming off his duty!

Usually both Nicholas and Pam both keel over at such times, and stagger about the floor, but this time it was mainly Pam!

I thought this was all hilarious and reminded me of Ursula. Thought you all might like it too.

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