Thursday 2 December 2010

God Living in Clay Pots
In a way, the Bible is a philosophical book: God says that His name is “I Am.” He doesn’t need rules because He has a fixed way that He is—a nature—and He is who He is by choice. Eternally He chooses to be who He is: He is Mr. Love; He is Mr. Self-for-Others; He is Mr. I’ll-go-to hell-for-you. Guess what: He’s also Mr. Have-Fun. Everything ends up being about fun; let’s not lose sight of that. The Christian life is not hard; it’s excruciating at times, but it’s not hard to walk in the Spirit. So I tell people, “If you can ever bring those two together—the ease of walking in the Spirit and the sufferings of life—you’ve pretty much got it.”

Something can be both easy and painful at the same time. That’s where the fun is. So life is about having fun. As soon as the fun goes out of something, then I’m going to do something else. But I’m on safe ground because God is the ultimate laugh. I mean, a plan like this—a world like this—we should be laughing. If you see it, you’re laughing—and crying maybe a little—but through the tears, you’re laughing. Life is fun—the plan is about having fun.

So what makes the plan fun to God? What thought, before we even existed, before there was a world, would have excited Him as the most fun possible? Consider that the council of the Godhead always convenes on how to throw the biggest and best party possible. They ask, “How can we have the greatest time imaginable?” Talking it over They say, “Let’s create a pot. We want something made of clay; We want to do it out of dirt. And We want to blow on it, like breathing—like yoga or meditation.”

See, all the others are imitators—they’re posers. God is the real meditator-breather. “Let’s do it out of clay; let’s make a pot.” And the Word says, “Yes!” The Father and Spirit say, “You said it first, but We thought it when You thought it! Let’s get clay, and let’s animate it, and let’s make it human. Let’s make MAN, and let’s live in him. Let’s be human! Let’s be people.” Doesn’t that sound divine? So that was the plan—to be human and live in clay pots. That was the great plan; that was the idea for great fun. So God all along wanted to be you, and He wanted to be me, and He wanted to be everyone that comes under the category of Psalm 139—fearfully and wonderfully made.

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