Sunday 20 February 2011

What Is the Temple?

by Chris Welch referring also to Spoken Beats
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What is the Temple? Jesus said if you destroy this Temple,
(speaking of his body) I will rebuild it again in 3 days. The Temple he was after was not a rebuilt version of one was Him in a load of bodies. How is it built? In quarries where it is pre-cut off site, then in different waves and manifestations it is constructed briefly as people gather in the Name of Jesus, then dismantled, then appears again in greater glory, until one day we see the finished version with all the stones drawn from all time.

Who organises the manifestation? Who coordinates the gathering of materials? Who makes sure that each new manifestation is fitly joined? No man.

Like an ever renewing jigsaw, only the Holy Spirit knows which part goes where.

Each component taken from a new contemporary age probably did not even exist before, so there is no possible way for a man to design ahead of time the convergence of each new manifestation of the Temple.

The Holy Spirit communicates with each person in the manner of Steven Spielberg’s science fiction story “Close Encounters of the Third kind”. Who told each person of the mountain where they must meet? Somehow they all sensed it.

How does this communication take place? It is a mystery.

The same mystery reflected in the carrion circling dead carcases?

As Jesus said “Where the dead Body is , there the eagles gather”.

Where the death process of a seed, going into the ground alone, dying,

then reforming, rising as a fruit bearing plant again, this time with innumerable seed....

where this mystery takes place, in that kind of carcass, the Eagle Life of the Spirit can soar and begin the next cycle of harvest, of ingathering.

Who can plan a type of music that is spoken word to a beat ,

- rap,

that has the urgency of spirit,

the passion,

the arrow to the heart conviction,

that is the only fit Eminem – carriage

for the new gospel that cuts through

all law,

all man-made steps that illegally approach the Temple of God

with a bottom line

a baseline

a groundlevel foundation

of grace.

Who can plan this type of convergence?

Christian musicians have tried to make the Christian gospel relevant by using contemporary licks, band-like sound,

but this is almost a bastard Ishmael.

The music vehicle that develops naturally among the God given talent of musicians, even while they are at their most distant from God, is still the legitimate son.

If only the prodigal that must return....

to be on time

for the next manifestation of the Spirit Temple.

The message hardwired into the musical form is the same message

that will dovetail with the Spirit Word at the right time....when as Jesus

says...”the time is fully come”.

The new form does not need to be apologised for to other religious still-births, or half-lives, denominational encrustacions of what was once vibrant,

IT IS THE FORM planned from the beginning, for this age.


Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not bigging up this link as some final ultimate version,

but I’m eulogising some form of direction arrow I’m sensing.

You can read more about “direction arrows “in my post


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