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Stretched but not Snapping and Can we walk without a Ceiling?

Stretched but not snapping
by Chris Welch,Facebook note on Thursday, 03 February 2011 at 16:13.
Psalm 45:16In place of your fathers will be your sons;
You shall make them princes in all the earth. NASV
Psalm 45:16Instead of thy fathers are thy sons, Thou dost appoint them for princes in all the earth. Youngs Literal Translation

Rob Rufus- Glory and Grace Conference- transcribed by Dan Bowen

I love the varieties of God and the diversities of God. It is amazing how the religious spirit would love us to just be prophetic people or just teaching people or just apostolic people or just evangelistic people or just one-style or one-way of worshiping people. It is amazing how quickly we fall into personal preferences and we do not like it when our particular preference is manifested. I really believe that all of us are in the situation where none of us are completely comfortable with every style and expression and manifestation of ministry in the kingdom.

It is a very healthy thing to admit you are not comfortable because all of us are being stretched in these days - not to snap - but to understand the multi-faceted rainbow of God's wisdom that is to be expressed to the powers and authorities through the church.

I believe those powers and authorities are not evil ones but they are the angelic hosts glorifying God in what the church is doing on the earth. I really believe God wants us to break out and to different expressions. There is an older generation like me (I hate to admit that!) but we are older and we have particular histories and we like that and make no apology for our history.

I come out of four major moves of God on our planet in my lifetime. Four major moves - and I have learned so much from those four major moves - the good things and the bad things. I hold it all dear and treasure them because there is eternal revelation in those moves of God.

Then there is a younger generation coming through that I am literally wide-eyed with wonder and learning from them almost daily - but weekly and they have whole new insights and have come from a completely different angle than I have come from and I am learning.

It is not accommodating and tolerating them - but we literally have to find grace to celebrate these different expressions otherwise the church becomes stereotyped and we become little clones or puppets of our religious culture and sub-culture and the conditioning of our history. Every day we need to find fresh faith for new discoveries.

I believe exactly what God is calling us to a uniqueness and each of us to really be ourselves and utterly original. Original, unique realities are inside each of us! Many of us don't realise how much uniqueness is in us!

We often take the definition of who we are from other people's perspectives. We let other people define us! ...................................whole transcript here


Can we walk without a ceiling?
by Chris Welch,Facebook note on Thursday, 03 February 2011 at 15:04.

This video contains a lot of the tenets I walk by. It explains my attitude to the local church and the world church.It ends by giving a brief overview of what the Lord Jesus Christ shared with me in one of those rare visitations we seem to have in our lifetime. For me this took place in public on a small aircraft flying back from France for Dales Bible Week. The two weeks previous to this I was living in another dimension . The point of mentioning all this, is not for you to say either ooooh Chris, trying to be special again....or the converse....I could never experience those things. No, I am saying an unequivocal You SHALL experience those things and more! If you hang around God's purposes.

Waiting on God Opens Life in another dimension.

Little realised by most folk, the 30 years Jesus experienced with little other than his birth and some twelve year old experiences reported.....

were Jesus time of waiting on God. Being established in His God identity. They weren't wasted years. They would have been active years. But they were secret years. Francois Du Toit has described Qavah...(south Africans spell it differently)waiting on God, as strands of a rope being intertwined. It's us being hid in God.

Qavah- a description

The moment you start hanging your hat on the unseen God realm, in our totally sense based, and driven life in the world system, you are going to cause ructions. Those ructions and the personal effects on your life will be devastating. But here's the good news. The messes you get yourself into cause such an internal cry, that you literally start to yank more of heaven from the internal Now to be manifested in your being. God delivers. He delivers internally first, then externally. Time and time again, you will suddenly get this internal assurance first....long before your senses catch up....that everything is OK. God is in the frame. He comes as a Peace which completely overtakes/passes/is over and above your understanding. Then little by little the natural world puts itself together round you, like a meek doggy, falling perhaps grudgingly into line.

The problem with you now being OK again, is that this sets up a fresh set of conundrums for those sense based individuals round them. Norman Grubb calls this living as a burning bush, that never gets burnt up. Rich and Linda Novek should be long burnt up by now....but here they are still writing on Facebook.

So the people around are cornered. They either submit to God and believe that something more is happening, or they deliberately pretend what just happened couldn't have, and enter into denial. Once in denial, your cheery face which keeps reappearing makes them even more angry....because now they are in the frame too....they have declared you in the wrong, and by your continued cheery existence you are proving them "wronger still".

Now each mess you live through, until those around you either change, or are taken away....

Remember the verses "one shall be taken , the other left?" This is not a one time end time event....this is the continuous cycle of the Christian life!!!!! each mess you live through....only to set up another series of messes,

because you still refuse to tow the secular world's line....

each mess represents another bit of entwining, tucking yourself in God.

A person who has lived decades like this, nolonger has a clue about which bit is Him and which bit is the Lord. It becomes increasingly difficult to in any way describe your biography to anyone, save by the gift of utterance in the Holy Spirit. If you try, your words fall like treacle all down your face and right to the floor!!!

Qavah is a Life to be lived...not a prayer closet

Qavah begins by hearing by faith

You hear in your spirit what the Living Christ is telling you to do. As you take faith steps to obey, you are launched onto this life of Qavah. It makes no sense to most around you....even Christians. Only later, as you are gifted in the Spirit to share, and it becomes real food to others, does it start making sense to anyone.....including yourself.

If you think about it....gym membership makes no sense either. Running on running machines and getting nowhere. Lifting weights for no purpose. Going to all that effort for no visible fruit at the end of a session is all about training your body for some other end than immediate purpose. But a few months down the line, you're looking trimmer, with firmer muscles.

The wilderness years for the Israeliites were meaningless for anyone apart from them. Not one thing remains from this 40 year period. Archaologists cannot find anything. Some conclude it never happened. But this period was all about training a people in the Word of faith. It was a Qavah period for a whole people!

I actually believe these last 40 years have been a Qavah period for the Church. And while all the existing leaders hunker down for the long term, I really believe a lot of what exists now is purely gym membership. So leave the leaders and their gyms to get on with it.....they love to be top dog....well they can be top dog in their empty gyms,

Let the people of God awake to this new LAND-TAKING walk that God has got us on. Beginning first of all with "our seeing" in the things of every day life.

If you watch the above video, and in particular the aircraft vision , you will see there were 3 phases. The first phase was about checking through the systems.

The Holy Spirit has been doing a Name of God course. Revealing the Names of God in turn. Revealing Spirit principles in turn. Revealing the faith walk through the Word of Faith movement.

Now all of these individual revelations, YOU can make a little bread loaf out of the 12 placed neatly and evanly round the Table of Shewbread in the Holy Place. You can make a GOD out of each of these. If you do the rest of the Body notices that you are walking with a strange lopsided gait!!!

These "systems checks"...which all the tribes were called to do in the last 40 years....were not for isolated enjoyment. They were manageable obedience tasks so that now as we approach the 3rd Level....the Holiest Place level....

everything can be shared out with all....for everyone's blessing and the empowering of the whole Body. This then makes 1 Corinthians 12 and reciving the foot if we are a hand, or an eye if we are an ear.....A WHOLE TON more important than it has ever been before. You see now......


Can we walk without a ceiling?

Back to the walking analogy.

Can we walk with no other ceiling save the Overshadowing Holy Spirit? Or will we like the Israelites continually crave a king!

Any last remaining worldly thinking in us DEMANDS a KING.....DEMANDS a PYRAMID.And then a new movement forms, which must of necessity die, for it was built around one portion of Manna....and manna only keeps for a day.

The QAVAH walk has no human ceiling. Has no pyramid. It is not comfortable.

But it is a walk of incredible power.

My little foretaste in France began with a faith journey when God said...yes you can go to France to study French during the holidays but I forbid you from going the official route of must write to a lively church. So I did. And the reply was negative. That was November. It wasn't until halfway through the holidays the following August that out of the blue someone phoned who used to be in that church , but was now on the North Coast....He said "When can you come? Tomorrow? And so began probably the most incredible two weeks in my life , in which normal laws of human existence hardly seemed to apply at all. When I arrived, the very first breakfast, God used me to heal the mother of lifelong epilepsy while fitting in front of me.....and things just went on from there.

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