Tuesday 22 March 2011

The Bible is in Ruach

Facebook Note by Chris Welch on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 at 20:04.

The unremitting problem of the Bible is that it was written in Holy Spirit. In Ruach. Breath of God language. I say unremitting because the Bible is not about to be rewritten for our secularly rewired brain. Sure there are translations. But what is a translation going to do with "Christ in You the Hope of Glory"? What does that mean to a man and woman who have lived their whole life in the Matrix? the Matrix is a load of wired connections linking you to every hunger, appetite, stimulation, physical sense that you own in case for one minute you begin to trace that God shaped emptiness in your heart. The Matrix does not allow you to look.No, you must look at Lady Gaga and Kesha instead. So wired to the Matrix you read a verse like Abide in Christ. The Matrix reading comes up with zilch. Where is Christ? My wires don't pick Him up. How can anyone abide in nothing? But you see we did not so learn Christ. Either the circumstances of our life caused a temporary fuse-out in the Matrix, just long enough to hear and feel the Ruach Breath of God direct, or in art or in music, or through scripture. OR some Ruach controlled Christ Person ripped your insides with some God lightning that came from their insides, honed over a period in the Word, or suddenly received as an extreme anointing of that same Ruach.

"Being conscious in the first place that no man by himself may give a special sense to the words of the prophets."2 Peter 1:20. UK British Churches don't generally speak in Ruach, they speak in Matrix. If you hear the Bible read in Matrix, with leftbrain delivery this causes confusion. It was written in Ruach, it can only really be heard in Ruach. And the preparation of those to deliver the message in Ruach is either short sharp and deathly intense, or like roasting coals over decades. But a university course it is not. No university teaches in Ruach. Yet the truth is growth, expansion,numerical, qualitative, successful, lasting ....ONLY COMES through this short supply of Ruach in and out of Churches. There are Ruach links going directly back decades through all major church expansion, through Pentecostalism, back through Brethren,Quakers,Wesleyans, right through to Luther in recent history.It is time we were honest with ourselves like scientists. Acknowledge what works and banish Matrix operations from our midst.


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