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What is the prophetic?

by Chris Welch on Monday, 11 July 2011 at 22:45 on Facebook
Psalm 18
All is relevant,but here is a selection of verses:
2.The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer
6.In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.
14He let fly his arrows and scattered them; shot his lightning bolts and dispersed them.
15Then the bed of the sea appeared; the world's foundations lay bare, At the roar of the Lord, at the storming breath of his nostrils.
17.He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them which hated me: for they were too strong for me.
19 He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me.
God lives in the eternal NOW. When He speaks He speaks from outside our created time. He sees the end from the beginning.Everything He speaks is in the context of the Eternal message that Andre Rabe and Francois Du Toit are bringing which concerns the Eternal Plan to reproduce Christ in Man.That every individual was conceived in the Logos imagination of the Father to reflect and contain His own authentic essence, the Word. He purposed not sin itself, but in giving man free choice, even to swallow up sin and death in a victory so overwhelming, that death and any reference to sin would be swallowed up in the glory of His original intention concerning man.
Anything less than this, lower than this, more ugly and sinful than this, is a mere blip in the timescale of the Eternal plan.
In this context He speaks His Word primarily into the spirits of everyone who has ever lived. In Psalm 19 it says "Day to day pours forth speech, .....their words go to the ends of the earth." If you are in the image of God, you are prophetic.If you are in Christ and He is in you, the prophetic side of His nature resides in you.
If you have matured from spiritual child (ref 1John2:12ff)through young man stage to Father stage, in a real sense you have fulfilled this scripture :
If you abide in My Word,
then you are truly my disciples
and you shall know the Truth
and the Truth shall set youfree
I am the Way, as you KEEP following the Way
and return to the Way if you get off course
this WAY shall show you the Truth about who you are and who I am
and that knowledge, burned in you, will set you free, from the INSIDE OUT .Psalm 45...the Kings Daughter is all glorious within.....
That is your belt of Truth that you speak from at Father level. In that you are by now in a fixed (not necessarily sinless)position in Christ, the prophetic character of Christ will be perceived in you.
In a very real sense,the ministry gifts are almost irrelevant in the Father level in Christ. Some say they are totally. This is what I see. God gives or loans His servants in certain roles to achieve certain the Church. Like Jesus stated, if these servants are received as such, they bring the King's reward with them. He who receives a prophet will receive a prophet's reward.
I think there is safety in desiring only to be a thirdlevel version of a Chris Welch. One set truly free by the Truth. St Paul saw this all linked with resurrection. "That I may attain....the resurrection of the dead."

Some lean on this "individual" and "solitary" and "mundane every day level" truth probably too much.
 The Bride of Christ is supernatural. The forming of the Bride is supernatural. A great picture of church and the Bride is Jacob's dream while sleeping on a stone for a pillow. He saw angels ascending and descending on a ladder. Things to note. Like Jesus in John 4 to the woman at the well: neither here nor at Jerusalem, but those that worship me shall worship in Spirit and Truth. Where Jacob was was irrelevant. The order Jacob was seeing was totally relevant. He was observing Church operating in the Order of Melchizedek. A supernatural order that is touched in the heart, not through worshipping at a certain stone.
More than any other thing, other than believing continuously that we are Christ going on now we are born again. Christ intertwined with our spirit at our center, as expressed through our personalities and our bodies....
other than this prophetic act....more than anything else in the church it is the prophetic that keeps a church on track with Our Father in heaven. The Holy Spirit gives a gift of prophecy. He also raises up prophetic ministry. Without these razor sharp gifts which return the Body to its roots in God, a church group , particularly a young one, will revert clublike, to the feel of any club or association. People default back to the "independent self delusion".....every individual slipping back into that mode of thinking that they are "just them", and not in fact Christ at their centre.
Psalm 18 describes some of the prophetic action of God.
Sometimes people have to be desperate. They call on God.They may feel in a spiritually blind confused state.God's prophetic Word comes through like lightning.v14 Sometimes out of nowhere, a propos of nothing, from a surface point of view. Many times in Christ's prophetic office, the Spirit got Him yelling at the top of His voice in the middle of a Feast, which He was prophetically fulfilling in that moment.
v.15 The prophetic Word lays waste the foundations. Like lightning striking , it has a dual lay bare that YOU as an individual were created in God, to be a vessel, container of the glory of God.This is really your ONLY TRUTH. The rest is bunkum. But in that instant also, expect to see a revelation of EXACTLY how the devil has been deceiving you. Expect to see those vain speculations in your inner thinking which exalt themselves against a Most Holy God. His Word divides old creation from new. It reveals with fresh force what the Cross now says about you as One who is in Christ.
In hitting those negative ways of seeing God,you,and others, the Word is literally washing your inner Temple walls of scrawlings. These are inner operating systems which are destroying your life. Ezekiel 8:10.If they are fears, then they are literally negative believing forces which actively PULL negs towards you. Some of these ways of thinking go right through generations.They are the forces behind alcoholism, marriage much that secular society regards as simple surface patterns. What we as Christians say is that some of these patterns are quite rooted in supernatural chains. And we need to be the ones delivering the Word to ourselves and to others.
Notice ,unlike Americans I hardly mention the future. God's Word doesn't know the difference between now and the future. He operates in the Eternal Now. From our point of view we are prophesying the future quite often...but many times we are saying like Jesus....the time is now and soon will be that......
In the Spirit of God prophecy literally speaks things into being.
You speak Word that you yourself have never heard or conceived. Sometimes you end up buying the CD to find out more about it. As we actively believe the written Word God speaks, and the living Word God speaks to us directly and by others in the Body, God literally shapes our futures around us.
His overall plan is verse 19, to bring us into a large place. But the first LARGE place He brings us into is in our very own beings. Because a fallen human being is quite small on his insides. The very lies of generations cause our operating systems to fuse out, to shortcircuit, and even if we have huge outward success, we can still remain quite small people bounded by huge limitations on what we will ever get involved in. God has a very LARGE place for all His people individually and incredibly so for all His gathered peoples together.Well bear in mind that the Jews, on the basis of the promise to Abraham just as a natural bloodline has resulted in them leading the earth in so many fields of endeavour. Imagine the fully reconciled spiritual Israel...both Jew and Gentile, minus one dividing wall of hostility, now in Christ?
Two prophetic examples in scripture:
First,as an introduction the concept of the negative.
This week I've been needling Francois Du Toit and Andre Rabe about the concept of the NEGATIVE.
One rather soupy consequence of "young man" church, and my background is charismatic church, but I think it applies with these two as well, is that everything is "so positive and up" all the time. But the Bible itself is horrifically balanced. It tells you in tiny detail how Jacob's kids raped, pillaged and whatever.Most of the Bible is actually unrepeatable in charismatic churches, because of the church's kindergarten atmosphere which cannot handle real life.I said to Francois that if he'd been round with the angel telling Abraham that in 9 months Sarah would have a child, and she,hidden in her tent had laughed the laugh of unbelief to herself. (You can imagine the rolling of the eyes.) I said Francois would be circumspect and stick to the positive of the promise of God, whereas the prophetic is expressed by the angel who specifically uncovers Sarah. This would be atrocious to Andre or Francois. I can even see their expressions.Sarah denies all this. And there he is again, the angel doesn't withdraw but presses the puss in the boil even further...."Oh but you did Sarah". But Guess what! God sees all this negative stuff and swallows it for breakfast......Isaac even gets called Isaac which is laughter....obviously in the first place the laughter of unbelief....but then later it would be like Psalm 126...then our mouths were filled with laughter. I said if Francois had been there the child of promise would have been called something say Eric.
Prophets are not precious. Prophets come from the same God who decides it's OK to use as a logo for his new people of Promise in the Earth a chopped off Penis end. Did I just say that? No God did.Circumcision.Later to be chopped off penis end of the heart!
Example 1 Genesis 3
St Paul asked "shall I come with a whip or in a spirit of gentleness?". Yet this the man they spent kissing endlessly on the beach before he was to leave.
Jesus WAS gentle with the woman caught in adultery...but He dismissed her firmly....Go and Sin no more.
Jesus told the Samaritan woman to FETCH HER not the one she was now shacking up with....and face up to it all before returning to have that water of Life imparted to her. Hey...imagine that impartation service with half the town turned up as well!
It's a prophetic and priestly message we preach.Romans 15:17 "with the priestly duty of proclaiming the gospel of God"
Genesis 3 - God comes into the garden in the cool of the day like he always did, only in Genesis 3 Adam is not there like usual. Or he is but hiding.
Now an Andre or Francois ministry would share God positives immediately.....but a prophet feels the pain and cries out
emotively....Adam, where are you?
Prophets look straight at individuals and churches and can see if they are hiding. Other ministries preach on regardless.
You don't pretend the situation isnt there, you walk straight in to where people actually are and confront them.
Now an old style "young man " prophet of the charismatic days, who still has got his own bitterness issues with his parents, family or workmates, or previous church, has everything to gain by sticking in the knife. But you know, Mr charismatic prophet.....we actually felt that bitterness in your heart....and that's what hurt the most!!!!
No, this weeping inside Father heart of God confrontation in Genesis 3 is the sort of prophetic confrontation I am on about. Because , quick as a flash, it "finds" people where they really are, confronts them, speaks the Word into that situation, the verse 7 figleaves drop away, and new animal skins of Christ are put on instead. But as I've said a lot to Andre, the new Christ skins are useless while the figleaves are still there.
Example 2- Acts 2
Hmmm. If the last incident was the prophetic answer to the first Adam, watch what happens at the birth of the Divine Body of Christ, the Church, the 2nd Adam.
Firstly God supernaturally invades Jerusalem with a visitation of the Holy Spirit which causes no small uproar. Then Peter
verse 14 , stands with the eleven ( well that's different from today's synagogues....oh, Christian churches)is forced by the racket into an explanation, which unlike Andre and Francois, contains some incredible Negatives.
This Jesus who you crucified!!!!
And this coming from a man who'd gone back on his very promise to Jesus. But Jesus had so dug round in Peter's soul, again unlike Francois and Andre, that He'd got from Peter every last figleaf, first of all of self-confidence, then bitter twisted shame......until Peter could stand as Christ Peter, authoritatively, prophetically,but without a hint of bitterness,
and face His own people with their own incredible sinfulness.
The prophetic catches you in the act. Or catches you in that place of hiding to yourself, then having stripped you of deadly deadly figleaves, covers you in Christ.
Prophets ,as proved by the ministry of Ed Miller over 5 decades, can by the Spirit, take any church right through an encounter with God at base level, that when they rise, the very earth all around shakes and revival hits the area. Ed did this every decade for 50 years. AND THIS WAS without a very clear articulation of the third level through Norman Grubb. Nor without all the clarity of the message that comes through Andre and Francois.
Saints on Facebook, we are a privileged community. With the spread of ministry on here, we could take the Earth.
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    • Cheryl Lowry Wow...I have to read it several more times Chris...You've covered a lot of ground in a short session:) Thanks, enjoying learning what everybody else knows....
      11 July at 23:17 ·

    • Cheryl Lowry You made a statement that really hit me in a good spot...been praying for my son and when I read "God lives in the eternal NOW. When He speaks He speaks from outside our created time." the Holy Spirit spoke direction as to how to pray for him...Thanks! I love how the Spirit can show us something in an instant, other wise it could take a life time.

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