Thursday 22 August 2013

A Woman gives birth to a ManChild

God forms wineskins for the process of ageing new wine. That's all the purpose of a wineskin is. 

It's a Holy Spirit shape 
for that particular time
in that particular form 
to get a specific job done. 

The wineskin is not important. The now mature wine is. 

In Revelation 12 the Eternal Now form of this principle is BOTH:
 a Woman 
Giving Birth to a Manchild.

 Most of our Bibles were put together by people stuck in their leftbrain, so you will notice the Revelation 12 heading :Israel. Actually Israel or natural Israel WAS and remains one wineskin...but you really need to catch this as an Eternal Now Duality. There is ALWAYS a BRIDE giving birth.

Catholicism and Anglicanism are strange State Hybrids; they were not formed out of revelation and Light, but by political expediency. All other denominations come out of apostolic figures who got the next step by revelation.
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 Thirdlevel churches are not a "secret" hidden from the whole population by God for heaven's sake. He only described them to the entire earth in John 4: Neither at this mountain nor at Jerusalem, but they shall worship me in Spirit and in Truth. It's not a shocker! The shock is, 2000 years later, He errrr...meant what He said.
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