Monday 26 August 2013

The Black and White World of the demon who controlled Judas

Judas died shortly after, but the same demon that was controlling Judas lives on in all human charity work to this day. At least some of the money of all goodwill gifts goes straight to him.
The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil means that in the same organisation you have both. Unicef is ostensibly a charity on behalf of children, but will contain some trafficking.
Foster homes and care homes contain some Jimmy Savilles.
Council on Foreign Relations contains many helpful policies towards unity, but it was they who arranged all recent wars. United nations IS actually about unity, but Unity under Lucifer.
Freemasonry IS really about charity at the lower levels, but it really is about witchcraft oaths too, and in Italy Channel 4 says the perception is Freemasonry and the mafia are two parts of the same organisation. The Mafia really do protect your business if you pay them, but they are the ones instigating the crimes in the first place.
 At a higher level on the Tree is Venetian Old money which controls the entire insurance industry, but they also control a moderate level of crime to keep the premiums as high as possible. So they are just Palermo scaled up to embrace the entire Earth.
Drug enforcement does tackle drugs at one end, but it traffics drugs at the other.
All security forces,MI6,KGB,Mossad,FBI.CIA are about national security, but they are also about making things secure for the true elite who own everything, and for secretly advancing their plans in the earth.
The State Churches and above all the Catholic church really do have something to do with the gospel, but above the Pope is the Black Pope and the Jesuit order that invented the CIA. Mussolini had all the godfathers of the mafia locked up in the War, at the end of the War the CIA released them all.
Jesus said "If your light turns out to be Darkness....imagine how powerful the full on Darkness will be!" People are saying that Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Freemason, and they have just suckered Rick Joyner to join the Order of Malta. The Bible says the Holy place shall be overrun by gentiles. If Freemasonry was controlling the gospel of being born again, we can expect through Rick Joyner and others, that the Holy Place gospel of the Holy Spirit will be equally controlled. The one place that cannot be controlled is the One safe HOUSE...Psalm 91...the Holy of Holies...abiding under the Shadow of the Almighty.
At least some of all mind research goes to benefit us all, but it's primary function and original driving force was to create a body of knowledge about how to control individuals and nations. Anthropology was the same. Promoted as a means to understanding the different characteristics of world people, it was really the intense scrutiny of Achilles heels in evry country, by which to foment wars strife and continual tensions.
The Masonry and Jesuit chequerboards are both the Taoist and luciferian idea that you have to have good and bad in equal amounts, but they also speak of control of both the good and the bad. Bertrand Russell was in the Russell Dynasty. Known as a great philosopher of peace and understanding, he was sent to foment riots and revolution in the Boxer rebellion in China when Watchman Nee was first preaching. His role later in the 60s in the UK was to derail the Ban the Bomb movement while looking as though he was leading it. In 1973 in the Club of Rome he began a series of policies to drastically reduce the population of the earth. This is what is meant in Freemasonry by the Chequerboard. Before that in the USA, the Salem witch trials which condemned many innocent Christian people to death as witches, were in fact run by judges who were the actual witches.
In the 1990s Goldsmith spearheaded the referendum Party, but his real brief was to derail the whole movement. Kate Middleton was presented as "one of the people" when she married Prince William. She is a Goldsmith.
Seeing the pattern above, you can more or less guess one or more of the following could be true. David Icke and Alex Jones are both playing a role. They say Alex Jones is a Jew who is playing the part of a Southern States hick, in order to make the New WorldOrder plans seem  totally stupid. Certainly that was the effect when he came to Britain to monitor the "Bilderberg Conference at Watford."

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