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There is No Plan B Anglicans/Catholics/Charismatics!!!

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I. There is no plan B.
When the Jews died in the wilderness. They died in the wilderness. Their entire call was to make it through to their own land. It wasn't for them to suddenly think, you know, I rather fancy the other side of the Mediterranean. (Actually, ever noticed Julius Caesar called Greeks "Danaos" from the tribe of Dan...who formed Greece?)
Catholicism and Anglicanism have played dosey doe with the charismatic revelation that earlier, when it was just the pentecostals, they tried to crush underfoot. But there is no plan B. God won't think up some alternative just for Anglicans and Catholics. They either go with it, or their churches will be bought by rug sales merchants, or made into bijou apartment blocks. You don't give up on the CLOUD or the PILLAR OF FIRE, and look for an alternative style of God from a menu sheet. God doesn't ask you whether His pillar of fire matches your decor. There is no plan B. This is the last call, before the Titanic sinks. If we were called to a Plan B, why not a Plan C, and a billion other plans. That actually is the world system anyway. God had only one Plan. Follow Him. Where He is now. Not where He was in 300AD or 1500 or 1870, or 1960. He only knows NOW, He is the I AM.

II. There is no Plan B. The Jews had their charismatic movement. They were baptised "into Moses" under a pillar of fire and cloud. Those in pentecostal and charismatic churches today, or watching God TV must realise there is no Plan B. There is only one heavenly blueprint or heavenly tabernacle which is the narrow way of God into Himself...who is super broad!!! The blue priint goes approximately like this...and these are the earthly copies...brazen altar/laver...dive undercover into the Holy Place, go right through that into the Holiest Place of all where God actually dwells.
And history has taken those exact steps. There is no Plan B. Luther flagged up the brazen altar of Christ. No going through priests. That spiritual knowledge changed everything down here too...because one individual became important. And within decades democracy was born.
The Laver was the 1600s and the Baptists. The Quakers and Pentecostals pushed on into the Holy place. But they got out their deckchairs, sunned themselves and died in the wilderness. When was the last Quaker or Pentecostal building you saw? Friends Meeting House just about hangs on in London. Most Pentecostal tin huts are now sold off, demolished or empty. Or moved with the cloud a bit, like Kensington Temple in London.
In every town in most regions of the world there is a modern "wilderness" congregation, believing approximately along the lines of the Holy place. They have their Holy Spirit style of worship, and though some are huge.There are African ones of 30,000 or more. There is the big South Korean one which has just split into some sattellites down from 800,000. But it's all Plan B. The Quakers were also very big in the 1600s. They even went and formed a new nation!!! A small one, called America. But Quakers are still Plan B, and almost dead.
See, Plan A is Christ being formed in us as us. If you want to check that out, check the very last box in the Holy of Holies. The one with the pot of manna(which came fresh remember, delivered every morning, but twice on Fridays by divine delivery.But they didn't do sabbath deliveries.) Not only that , the 10 Commandment stones weren't like the modern stonehenge in America, the Guidestones....standing on the grass somewhere...NOPE they are inside the Box. God Himself is becomingthe Keeper of all those Laws within you in Christ. There is no plan B. You can't invent another version of Christianity like Anglicanism or Catholicism. From the moment you signed up by faith, you proclaimed Death to your very own religion on a placard. PLAN A is God forming Himself on your insides, such that He becomes a permanent Resident, with His Personal Glory hovering overhead in everything you are and do. But it's Him dong it and working it. The heat is on Him. You do the believing. So stopping short in the wilderness like charismatics, and just doing your meetings, when God has a whole Land for you to walk about in , Him as you, doesn't really cut it. And the proof is in those rug sales shops in the Quaker meeting rooms, and the ailing members in the Word of faith conferences, all puffing on their asthmatic inhalers at 80 years of age.
There is no Plan B. Jesus said, before you even began the Tower, you should have looked to see if you had enough to complete it. because halfbuilt towers strewn all over the landscape as memorials to previous Wilderness dwellers, just get laughed at. On "Vicar of Dibley" reruns.
Jesus said "Take care what measure you use, for by that measure it will be measured back to you."
The Ephesians "measure" is very different from the Catholic, Anglican, and charismatic measure. Chapters 1 to 3 are in fact about your death and resurrection IN Christ. Catholics and Anglicans as everybody knows on Vicar of Dibley, are very much alive. Exactly as they ever were. The gospel says you have completely died at your inner centre, and been raised with Christ. This kind of measure gets God measuring Himself back to You in Acacia Box type measurement devices in the Holiest place of all....7 pieces of heavenly furniture in. Which means your generation won't have to die again. because you have died already, and it is not you who now live but Christ living in you. (Galations 2:20)

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