Saturday 24 June 2017

BBC and Free Speech

The book of Nehemiah describes Nehemiah as a cupbearer (poison taster) looking very glum in Nebuchadnezzar's Court.
Presumably after the emperor's humbling spell in the fields as an animal. "How can I look happy when Jerusalem lies in ruins?", remembering the Lords Word about 70 years of exile. Unlike people on Facebook, Nehemiah took God's Word to the day.
Nebuchadnezzar the world authority commissioned Nehemiah to begin reconstruction of Jerusalem.
Now you are going to see why I raise this today.
We DON'T have a world ruler yet, but the Bristish people have voted by 4% margin to leave Europe and according to our rulership manual this makes our decision binding.
OUR GREAT LEADER....US....have voted.
Now Nehemiah didn't have any problem with the GREAT LEADER but was commissioned by him to do the job.
But you would never know with the satraps who worked for the BBC and the rest of Rothschild's media beyond the River.
They did their utmost to sway the vote and bring the rebuild to a standstill.
Last night, the Conservative party dared to raise this matter of prevarication on the part of the media and this morning hiding behind the voice of a liberal MP they squealed " YOU SHOULD APOLOGISE TO THE GREAT BBC WHO ARE JUST THE VOICE OF FREE SPEECH".
Free speech? When was the BBC the voice of Sovereignty and free speech? Their very logo of ONENESS on BBC ONE is all about globalist rule under a globalist world government being sown into people's minds as warm cuddly and full of friendly hippos.
Every comedian they hire like Hugh Dennis reviles Brexit at every turn.
Hugh Dennis BBC Comedian
Anybody who dared recommend Brexit the BBC labelled as xenophobe.....and violent British National Party thugs.
Since when did BBC stand for free speech and the voice of the people? And now hiding behind the sofa where the liberal politician is speaking they trump up....
You tell em , you tell 'em
APOLOGISE to the GREAT BRITISH MEDIA for actually daring to raise the subject about European bias.
WHAT US? IN Lord Rothschild's pocket?BBC would say
Just because we have a Rothschild director doesn't mean you can possibly label us in favour of globalist elite rule?
US. Whiter than white BBC.
Excuse me, and apologise now!!!!

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