Saturday 23 December 2017

Computer Speak : Preset/Default and Custom

Two related Facebook posts on the future of Church

Life is divided into two:
Preset and Custom.
Certain aspects of life are requirements and are preset , and within reason repetitive. While you may have three of four meals a day, they dont have to be the same all the time.

Churches for years have got away with murder literally by making huge parts of their function Preset. Liturgy. Rotational readings. The function of Mass or Communion. Or the Lord's prayer.

Trouble is, they actually have Biblical precedence for some of this.....the Psalms and levitical worship
the prayer of Jabez, a repeated constructed prayer
Pray for Jerusalem
The Lord's prayer
Celebrate the Lord's victory in the breaking of Bread until His return.

However this directly conflicts with the other portions of scripture which focus on Custom choice. (Here not to be confused with choice of custom)
Preset and custom is computer speak.

John 4 makes it clear PLACE is now irrelevant. And worship is now in Spirit and Truth.
1 Corinthians 12-14 and Ephesians 4 describe the transitional Church processes for training the new consciousness of

So how can we differentiate PRESET from CUSTOM?
Well the Sabbath is for MAN and not MAN for the SABBATH.

This is one crazy revelation the more you unpack it.
The PRESETS are there like scaffolding until the CUSTOM is fully manageable and functional.

The embarrassing thing for churches still functioning in PRESETS that date back before the New Covenant, is that their outdated wineskins certainly cannot hold the John 4 Wine
of "worship that is in Spirit and Truth" and is living and being Christ in us as us (Galatians 2.20)

Many of the attendant PRESETS came with outer vestments, outer imitations of holiness, of worship, but now the real thing is here, all the outerforms will just crumble in ridiculousness.

We could see the writing on the wall when a Man just walks out of a tomb after three days, walks through walls, cooks a barbecue on a beach, then lifts to heaven in front of us 40 days later. This is just beyond all bounds of religion.
This is heavenly Life. This is the sure ANCHOR Hebrews talks about.

Facebook Related Post
I mean not to threaten you unduly but I need to warn you all about this grace stuff.
I am not saying something that may be true.
I am not saying something that has not already happened.
if you notice from the stories and the patterns in the Old Testament....
something will a tide coming in, then go out for a bit, then re establish itself more thoroughly.
Abraham Isaac and Jacob were all like the Kingdom coming into land.
Then this got reproduced in a people.
A bit LUMPY.
With other trajectories going on....
Like Samson
Like the thing God advised against : Having Kings~
Like a brief excursion to Babylon
But nevertheless Jesus arrived in the fulness of time, and then pushed the envelope further....
What am I getting to?
Well, the disciples for a start.
Then Acts 2 and the ever expanding patterns of Church through Acts....
right down through the revival since Luther to the present day.
But I want to highlight some real time events....
Pentecost crashed in on the world again in the 1900s.

now a lot of you on Facebook are settling down nicely, business as usual, creating Youtubes, writing books. preaching cute sermons, havng moderntype churches in modern type buildings, writing devotionals for Christmas,

You are completely missing the point.
The Jesus Move and the attendant contnuous sharing round each others homes
The arrival of Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk to these shores, transplanting the idea of continuous Kingdom community
The fact that the Mary Sisters pushed right through their versions of Romans 6 and 7 as a community and produced a living abbreviation in Darmstadt of an early example of romans 8.....
The clear articulation now of Norman Grubb of how grace does a whole completed work
The fact that we lived as a prototype Body fulltime some of us for 10 years, worshipping , working, living, Emsworth means that as sure as sure as sure
The next tide will reach more permanent heights.....
for a start this will be the first time in recent history that it will include THIRDLEVEL CHRISTIANITY clearly articulated...

But the reason I am saying this is to warn you....
The idea of a silly church building or auditorium only used once or twice a week,
silly little sermons on how we ought to live by pastors that have never lived in Kingdom Community
basically to refer to my previous posts , all the silly little "PRESETS" that made up such a giant part of our Christianity
Become immediately and absolutely irrelevant.....
about the time we get thirdlevel churches whose core eldership is schooled in thirdlevel consciousness, and able a bit like eastern gurus, but this time solidly in Christ, to meet folks where their needs are in their homes, because they HAVE LIFE EXPERIENCE IN THE THIRD LEVEL and many of them like Paul are already funding themselves.(Remember the apostles went from house to house breaking bread?)
No more of this stupid tithe idea where one leader gets to swan around his flock at the top of a pyramid.
I just wanted to give you early warning so you may want to start making prayerful plans, lest all of a sudden you are relying on old outdated supplylines, yet havent sufficient clue about the NEW to be of any use to anybody.
This is kind of like Jesus saying, hey when you go to somewhere new remain at the back, dont go to the top table. Wait util they recognise you and call you up.
Some of you want to prepare for such a scenario, before you look absolute idiots as you are called down from the top tables. You may cope with it, but I can tell you, many of the rest of your family won't. Some of their own personal self image rightly or wrongly is invested basking in your if your glory is nolonger real, you want to watch out.

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