Monday 9 January 2012

Christ - The High View of Man. Daniel Yordy

Part of an ongoing Facebook conversation as and when between Daniel and I,this is a lovely section which sheds more light on what this Creation is really all about.
Daniel continues:Sorry I didn't answer you for a little while. I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed - and needing to get my business into the selling mode. (I haven't sold a Writing Unit yet, but everything's almost ready.) So I had to take a break from "issues" for a bit.
First, the problem with "The Trinity" is not that God the Father reveals Himself both through the Son and through the Spirit: He does. The problem is the definitions of God and man that come from Lucifer. However, "The Trinity" as a Christian doctrine is pushed, pushed, pushed, when a close look at the Apostle's argument is the opposite. Paul said "There is only one God, the Father, and one mediator between man and God, the Man, Christ Jesus." The argument of the New Testament is that Jesus was the revelation of God in the flesh, that is, as man. That is how Arius saw it and taught it. In fact, if you understood Arius, you would see that our understanding of the relationship between God and man is much closer to his than to Athanasius.

Hebrews says that God made man a little lower than the angels "messengers," but that's not what David said. David said that God made man a little lower than God.

But the revelation of Christ does not come from parsing one verse against another. The Bible is the testimony of many witnesses. Eye witness testimony MUST vary from one to the other to be considered accurate. If the testimonies of eyewitnesses are all the same, they are all thrown out of court as being fake. There is no contradiction in the Book of Mormon. Any amateur linguist can see that it was all written by one man - and thus the "testimony" of the various "books," being in perfect agreement, is false.

God manifest in the flesh means that all the little imperfections of man are inside the perfection of God. If 15 billion could all be the revelation of Christ and yet differing enormously one from the other, seeing and saying things different, even "disagreeing" vehemently, and still be Christ as us, that tells us that our definition of God as One who sits "above" is inaccurate.

Now, look carefully at Ephesians 5: I am flesh of His flesh. That's the Lord in His eternal state with the Father. Flesh is not a low and temporal aberration. Time is not something outside of the nature and being of God. It is Lucifer who despises man and denigrates him in every way. It is Lucifer who sees himself high and exalted.

In complete contradiction, God is always beneath. If you invite God to dinner, He always sits in the lowest place; He would never even think of taking the highest seat. At the same time, man is above, that is, he is the likeness and image of God. I saw recently the words, "Transcendence and Condescension." These are Catholic words, neither the words nor the concepts they represent are found in the New Testament. God did not "stoop down" to rescue "lowly man." God is always beneath. Man is always His revelation to both heaven and earth (that is, man in the tree of life, not man in the tree of knowledge).

It's a mistake to use the words of the Bible to defend the Augustinian, Catholic definitions of God and man. All those words of the Bible are there, but there to be seen through the eyes of the revelation of Christ, that is through God revealing Himself through flesh. Augustine did not believe in the revelation of Christ, nor did Athanasius. Arius did, that's why they destroyed him.

I do not believe that Jesus "became" flesh for a moment of time. That is, He was first "not flesh," then He "became flesh" inside of time, then He is "no longer flesh." That's impossible; He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Rather, God manifest in the physical half of His creation is Jesus, the Son of God. The physical half of God's creation is not evil, nor is it "low." It is 100% equal to the spiritual half of God's creation in all ways. Time is not outside of God; time is God showing up in the physical side of His creation. Time is the eternal touching half of the works of God's hands.

You see, we have to comprehend the weight of Lucifer's hatred of man sitting upon all definitions of man found, especially, in Christianity. That hatred of man is the foundation of Augustine's definition of "the Trinity."

When Jesus quoted David saying, The Lord said to my Lord, what was happening there was the very opposite of Augustine's definition of "God the Son." Jesus was a man, claiming that God reveals Himself as He really is through "lowly" man. The Pharisees killed Jesus for that "heretical" claim. Augustine would have killed Him as well. When David said, The Lord said to my Lord, he was showing the incredible revelation of God through MAN - that is, through the flesh and blood child of David. This mind that demands an "exalted" God cannot stand God as a lowly man.

The difference is how we see. As long as we have that false definition of a "transcendent" God "condescending" to deign to dirty His high fingers by touching despicable man, a definition pushed with savagery by Augustine, then we spend our effort using the words of Scripture to defend Augustine instead of seeing all things through God made manifest in the flesh, that is Christ Jesus, the Son of Man, revealed as us in this world. Our imperfection (not sin) is God's perfection.

God is always beneath; Lucifer is the one who places himself "above." The picture of Jesus stumbling beneath His cross is the highest moment of God revealed in all creation. We can have no higher picture of God as He really is than that.

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