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Mother Basilea Schlink crumples....

A fictional account of a true person by Chris Welch

Mother Basilea Schlink  founded the Sisters of Mary, which was  a Lutheran ,(and therefore very rare,) order of nuns, in Darmstadt,Germany. She herself died in 2001.
One of a handful of top shelf Christian authors she used to take people right through in God, and in her book Realities she showed the outstanding transformations in the visages of many in the community.
Basilea was astounded by the beauty and light, and fulness of joy of everyone in heaven. Everything was massive and so awe-inspiring, she like everyone else who arrived ,had an angel assigned to her to show her round. "What do you want to see?" the angel asked. "I want to see the courts of the Lord,"she said. "I'll take you through".

The courts of the Lord were so stunning and huge, and so filled with people of all tribes and tongues,Basilea thought that all the people who ever lived must be gathered there.

"Oh no," smiled the angel. " At all times people are all over heaven, and only a small part are gathered here."

"You know I used to talk about these places in my books, and in my talks to the sisters and visitors."
"I know," said the angel. " This is just the outer courts. Would you wish to go to the inner courts?"

"I would so love to see them. All my life i tried to imagine what they would be like. Take me."

The angel held Basilea as they appeared to half walk, half fly, across the amazing expanse of the outer court across to two tall and glistening doors. The doors seemed to open, but unlike the mechanisms on earth, the doors themselves seemed to have their own life and will, and be only too pleased to open themselves for whoever stood before them.

Basilea expected the light inside to be dimmer than outside, but in fact the opposite was true. The inside even appeared to be brighter. They both entered.

Then she had a further shock. A shock that affected her to the depths of her soul.
"Oh!" she exclaimed.
The angel watched her attentively and with caring and penetrating eyes.
The courts outside were brimful of all manner of people. Some rushing, some standing, some together, some alone gazing....but so many many people.

"I wrote so much about this," she faltered, "But there is nearly nobody here."
"I wrote how it was so easy to enter here because the Lord Jesus Christ opened all parts of heaven. I was expecting so many to be here." She paused, as she looked from right to left.
"I gave my life to telling people that not only could they enter heaven, but that they could live and breathe Jesus, they could go right to His side, share everything with Him. The Holy Spirit shared so much with me in my heart about this, beginning in the dark days when the Nazis ruled Germany. So many of my early choices were so hard to make humanly because I knew , again humanly, that I was closing all the doors to recognition in Universities, and even in many churches themselves. But each time the Holy Spirit would come with His powerful comfort right inside my breast and give me such unutterable reassurance that not only was I called to share the gospel, but that I was called to show people how they could eneter into the heart of God...."

"And.....there's ...there's hardly a soul here in this great expanse that looks toward the Great Throne of God."

She became very silent. And it was so hard for her.
It seemed that all she had ever tried to accomplish in her life had meant nothing. Had been futile. That the Holy Spirit had perhaps abandoned her in her task.
Here in heaven , where she had read that tears would be wiped away,  her eyes were beginning to well up. Not just for herself. Or her lost efforts. But because her one desire had been that everybody she met would know how wonderful Jesus was. That everybody, anybody could have a close relationship with Jesus and His Father by the Holy Spirit. She couldn't really look at the angel.
She was confused. So many thoughts.

The angel had observed her throughout.
She managed to turn and look into the face of the angel.
He looked a bit sad because she was sad.
" Come " he said firmly.

What Basilea had thought was an open glass palisade that looked upwards towards the great throne of Light actually had two more huge doors in.
"There's a good reason why there appears to be hardly anybody in here." said the angel, and as they approached the great doors, these two swung open, but somehow more magnificently.

Slowly Basilea became aware of many things. Too many things. Such a number of things, on earth they now called it a download, a mighty inrush into all her senses of things that she had never known nor could ever have known. But it all began to happen at once.

Firstly, the doors , although appearing to be totally transparent, couldn't have been. The effect had been caused by another extreme change in the level of Light. In the other room she hadn't been able to see what she now saw......

People. People. So many people. Angels. Beings beyond description. The unborn babies that had ever lived.
But all  were radiant with  brilliant brilliant internal Light.

Although  surroundimg the huge throne of God, suddenly they were all silent, and turned. Everyone fixed their eyes on the new entrants as if they had waited an age for this precise moment.

Basilea felt the force of the uplift of heaven, at the same time as the power of revelation  weighed down on her frame. She felt surging Life, but so weak at the same time. Her whole being was in overload.

The angel rushed forward and grabbed her in the same way he had had to grab so many before. This space was filled with an expectant hush,  but Basilea could sense that nearly everyone wanted to approach her, but none moved. The Spirit of the Lord simultaneously bade everyone not move for this moment belonged to the Greatest Lover.

Jesus, almost unnoticed, stepped forward swiftly from between the throngs of heaven.He stood before her fixing her directly with His eyes. Now she really did crumple.
" Basilea" He said slowly, quietly but very deliberately.
"The reason the first part of the inner courts is nearly empty...and the Throne Room is so full... is...
and many throughout millennia like you."
"You ARE the reason."
His eyes were full of tears.
"You are a most precious  sister son of God."

"I....I don't understand. In the glory of heaven's Light I can see my teaching wasn't all right. It wasn't sufficient."
Jesus didn't say anything for a while, until this convulsive laughter beginning on His insides exploded suddenly.
"Basilea, you are so funny. You Germanic peoples. You always think perfect means having perfect logical thoughts. Knowing all truth. That's not even in the running! When I say perfect I mean you loved Me perfectly, as best you knew how. Through Hitler's Germany. Through all the troubles of the sisters as you established the community. Through all the mocking of nations as they saw you making a stand. Through all your own feelings of weakness and temperament. Many, so many are here in this very place because of you."
"How could so many have read or heard of me."
"Only a few read your books, but they in turn became Living Letters and thousands and millions READ THEM, READ THEIR LIVES as Living Letters."
" But not all my doctrine was correct?"
"Basilea....Basilea....that's not the infection they caught off you from Me.
It was...."
Jesus wept openly and held her hands.
" It was.....FIRST LOVE....FOR ME."
"You is a small thing for Me to correct how a person thinks if only that Person has Firstlove for Me. Truly, your book "Those Who Love Him" changed the Earth. He who has love for Me obeys Me. John 7.17 said " 'If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from Myself. ' That person will just know the doctrine about Me".
He added,"The Father and I commanded that people love us with all their being and others with the same love.....but people only CAUGHT the reality through you...and others."
Jesus continued " I give nations for that love."
"I don't know how.... I wasn't conscious....I never saw anything much...."

"Basilea. That's the point. You never knew. You never really knew what you were doing, what was really flowing out of you from the Father. Countless numbers fell in love with Me because of you, because of what they caught through you."

Jesus suddenly turned. Basilea was utterly speechless.
Jesus waved at all the multitude who had been trying to contain themselves all this time.
There was an explosion in heaven. Of praise to the Father for lives such as Basilea. They jumped. Some flew. Some grasped each other and hugged. But the noise and the joy and the thundering praise at the great story of God
from Noah, and Abraham's time,
through every story of every person  who just loved God with all his or her being...
and on earth the phrase would be
the joint was rocking
with electricity
with glory in full force
thrusting many to the floor.

And this was how it often was in heaven as the sheer weight of glory IN INDIVIDUALS was felt in its raw
where the INNER


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