Wednesday 6 February 2013

The True Meaning of the Poles

Right at what was to be the end of Lakeland ,Florida Revival in 2008, I wrote down a kind of Spirit snapshot expression of what I saw in the form of a parable. God's Builders have been supplied with 3 pallets of materials. For the first time in modern history the third pallet came peeping into view....and then the revival, as we know crashed. I talk about Zerubbabel group in particular because this had been Norman Grubb's last intercession on behalf of the whole church. But in 2008 Zerubbabel didn't even know the revival was going on. So for me, one of the greatest of ironies in recent history is that God was beginning to open up the whole realm that Zerubbabel had been called to share....but they weren't party to it, because hardly any have been baptised in the Spirit, so simply don't relate with the rest of the Spirit filled church. In the parable I relate the Old testament concepts of David's New Cart and the God ordained gilt poles that the Old Testament priests carried the Ark of the Covenant with.

Now the issue of the poles is this....
They are as if glued to the shoulders of the priests. So that means where the priests walk, there the Ark goes. God had some amazing problems in dramatizing the thirdlevel truths of the gospel in Old Testament format.That's why sending Jesus was such a good idea.He could model the whole thing from start to finish.

  HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY get across Jesus living His life in our forms as us according to John chapter 17 when people are still only thinking in religious terms? 

The Old Testament describes automated religion in 2 Samuel 6 as David and his "new cart". 

It's all automated. It's all done for you. At no point do you come into contact with it. It's NOT your flesh and blood walk. Well POLES is pretty good. It's an improvement.Because you are not going anywhere without the Ark. You are attached. You are committed. You are also attached to the other priests. None of you are going anywhere without each other and the glory of God. 

Now Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo's generation describe the poles as intercession and prayer, and by that they mean long hours rattling off in tongues, and often into the night, and possibly with fasting. This is the secondlevel or "young man "view of intercession.

POLES mean more than this. Jesus didn't come to give us meetings, He came to give us His life. Actually if you want to know the truth of it, the REAL TRUTH...there is no other life in the Universe. Real Life is God going on. 

Poles break down as an image because they are still outside us, still separate from us. Jesus Life on the other hand has no gaps. He came in fused to our new spirit WITHOUT GAPS. Who we really are. Where our Life source, our life itself originates is our spirit. but as Daniel Yordy, Fred Pruitt,Nancy Gilmore, and so many more share....our humanity, is piecemeal with it. The "old think" that is still Genesis 3 that still fills the charismatic churches, is that we are self-powered souls that are trying to correct themselves. But according to the revelation of the Bible that whole way of thinking is a delusion. It represents more or less a whole worldwide church still mired in the lie of Genesis 3. 

So no, the poles DON'T represent a certain amount of hours of prayer to charge up our batteries sufficiently that Benny Hinn can go on a podium and perform miracles like a pentecostal showman.
The Bible Truth is that our intercession is coming out of One Man who lives our Life fulltime. There's no getting away from this POLE. And that is the truth of the third pallet. We are carrying His intercessions inside His faith whenever and for however long He is burdening us with them. They don't start at the beginning of meetings and they don't end at the end of meetings. This is the New Priesthood which Fred Pruitt was writing about. "As He is in the world, so are we."

 Like Jesus in John 6, the gospel we preach is about eating His very Body and drinking His blood. He becomes us by Word and by Spirit. There's no walking away. There's no mid measure as Paul Noble and others want to say..."Oh Jesus is in us?" Well what does that mean? For 40 years charismatics have been saying " Jesus is in us." In Havant Church they believe Jesus is another pea in their pod sharing the space in their bodies with the old man. It gets very crowded in Havant Church. Everybody is walking around with twice as many people inside them!!

This is not what is meant by the gilt-covered poles. The NEW CART church, like David's first attempts at wheeling the glory of God to its resting place, is a Church of separation. God over there. Me over here. The true priesthood however were carrying the Ark on poles, pressed to their bodies. This is the meaning of Jesus as us.

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