Wednesday 6 March 2013

Music Industry and Isaiah 47:10

Facebook note by Chris Welch
Look at Isaiah 47:10 this is very important, possibly the most important thing you have read on Facebook today.
"And thou art confident in thy wickedness, Thou hast said, `There is none seeing me, Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, It is turning thee back, And thou sayest in thy heart, `I [am], and none else."

Like it or lump it, we have absolutely no choice in this, we ARE NOW In the "I AM" Age. Secularism and Religion, which are the same spirit, just different ends of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are now BEHIND THE GAME. The issue right across the Earth right now is WHO DO YOU SAY YOU ARE. Secular people and religious Christianity are still in the playpen. Leave them playing. The CURRENT ISSUES are among the people OUTSIDE of CHURCH....Christians who nolonger fit inside the system and the godless who have usurped power in nearly every environment. I am using godless here in a different way to secular, but in a way to describe the deliberate choices being made to a god called Satan. Now you either get Isaiah 47:10 and the struggle for identity, or you just get swept along in ignorance anyway. The Bible calls these times the Time of the Great Deception.
So here it is:
We either get God's definition of I AM in these days, or we be sucked into the devil's use of the term.
See, when the devil uses the term I Am, he's making himself out to be a separate god in his own right. A self-powered being. "There is none else". Now Satan worshippers love mirrors, love black and white checquerboards, even love the Genesis 3 descriptions of Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life...except when they refer to them they mean the exact opposite of the One True Lord, the Creator God Jehovah, or Yahweh. When we Christians speak of God we ALSO mean "there is none other". For all Life comes out of the One source of Life in the Universe. God Almighty. Even the devil's life is God's life given to him when he was created, which he has twisted into selflove, or self for self love. But God is the originator, and He is OTHER LOVE....He is always self for others. So when media kings Jayzee call themselves 'jovah (short for Jehovah) and Beyonce brings out an album (I Am) the issue is now who we are. The New Age movement refer to themselves as the Christ, but totally without reference to the One true Mesheach, the One true Christ, who became the Anointed One in baptism in Jordan. Christ means Anointed.
Now listen to this. Man living as an independent being calling on a separate God out there to help DID NOT WORK. The Jews did not get anywhere ultimately by trying very hard to keep Laws. What Man could not do, Jesus came and did, then
listen to an intercessionary act....He then condemned ALL Trace of sin in the flesh...our flesh...on the cross. Because sin is not a thing we's a spirit we manifest. So Jesus killed, annhihilated that spirit at the Cross, then came into us by His Spirit completely as us. You'll spend the remaining years of your life understanding that last yes...all who call upon the name of the Lord receive the I AM into them as Spirit. In fact AS LORD. We may look ordinary, but ALL LIFE IS  consciousness, all life is really SPIRIT. But God's I AM Nature is first and foremost LOVE and humility. It takes the lowest place. Jesus was GOD,but thought it not a thing to be grasped so He completely left His glory behind and became a servant....but at NO TIME was He not the I AM, living from and in or by the power of His Father in heaven. The key difference when the ungodly say they I AM is the phrase "there is no other". They take the top of the pyramid position. They exclude all others, first and foremost the One True God, they take themselves as the place of worship. Ones who truly live from the I AM life
recognise themselves as Branches of the One TRUE GODHEAD VINE. Never is it in their heart to say I AM and there is no other.
So one spirit claims to be THE I AM but isnt and has none of the character and servanthood of the True Original Life Source, the other says "Yes I AM", but it is a humble recognition of the Deliverance that took place at the Cross. And this is the age of separation, wherethere are NO HIDING are in one thing or the other thing and YOU ARE BEING FORCED TO CHOOSE, and even now the microchips are being made to prevent buying or selling if you don't worship the false usurping god of this world.

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