Sunday 29 March 2015

How does removing the splinter work?

My one addition is this
What Jesus Christ actually said was
Remove the Log in your own inner seeing
then you can see to take out some splinters in others.
The LOG is Genesis 3. With that still in place inside us the only thing we are allowed to do is pray and show love.
And that to me is the main difference between my position and South Africans. Union changes Christianity forever.

How does the splinter system operate?
Well Mark Skidmore put this well. He said you just go about your daily life of living in Christ and you "show up" splinters without even meaning to....then it's what the other person does with that new knowledge. If they accept the truth they walk with you in fellowship....if not they alienate themselves. The other person calls this "judging them". But Jesus made it He walked our walk ahead of time....we judge nobody....people are already judged.
Why? By the One Life in the Universe. Our "offkilter" behaviour is judged by the ONE LIFE not by humans as such.

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