Wednesday 11 March 2015

Three Excellent Into The Wild Podcasts with Darin Hufford

Personally Christine and I have been caught up with decorating a space attached to our house. This has meant time for listening to podcasts while painting.
If you only have time for one catch the third.
One and three are a continuous item.....a mature concept of grace.
But the second one is kind of related in that it discusses how we see the daily power of God

In the seventies in the UK the new churches split into two main streams was more openly powercentered and evangelism centered around Bryn Jones and perhaps Terry Virgo
the other was around the London brethren and John Noble, and tended to emphasise Fulness of Life and living, which is what their magazine was called :"Fulness".

If you know the lightnings of God, His fire, His anointing, sometimes these sort of talks can be confusing, but in my spirit I knew what John Noble was saying was as correct as what Bryn Jones was saying. Today I know also that Darin and Jasmine are saying similar things to John Noble.

I cannot put much here now.....but meditate on this if you start freaking out.
When the disciples asked Jesus how to they could have greater faith He replied enigmatically about servants first working in a field, then serving the master in the House. There is a mystery here about how God brings forth the people of God. Some are too HOUSECENTRIC and only that....some are too FIELDCENTRIC.....but they are both related....

AND FINALLY.....the tables are turned.....and Jesus says to mature saints do the Ordering of the meals to eat.....YOU SPEAK THE WORD OF FAITH and as you are now SAFE SONS Knowing about the Yoked Life of Me living in you as you....


Click on each image for the podcast messages.

What to Expect When You Are Expecting
Darin and Hans talk about the misunderstandings of the grace message and how people choose to use it as an excuse to do nothing or to live wasteful lives. Darin talks about a new book that is coming out by his good friend Paul Anderson Walsh called, “Grace For Grownups.”

Power Walking for Real People

Darin and his friend Jasmine Pambakian have another “Into the Wild” conversation about what it really means to walk in the power of God. Being raised Pentecostal, both Jasmine and Darin were led to believe that a true Christian should be experiencing God’s miracle power in their everyday life. We were taught that walking in the Spirit meant that we should be in a constant state of victory at all times. Miracles, healings, prophecies, and moves of the Holy Ghost should be an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, neither Jasmine nor Darin have ever witnessed anyone accomplish such a life. So what does it really mean to walk in the power of God?

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