Friday 20 March 2015

ON THE WEARING OF HIGH HEELS BY Olumuyiwa Tomisin MonjolaJesu

Why post this? Because there are loads of human gifts to the world out there, each seeing things in creative ways and some, poetic in their expression of it.

Legs are pillars
They support something...somebody
They are modes of transportation and carriages
They define a lot
When someone is raised in height over another person
She/he instantly assumes a position of overseeing, authority, wisdom, stability e.t.c
In a lady, this is slight different
For a lady who has been pushed/brought down all her life
An high heel can be an attempt to push her head above d crowds
To tell d world she is something
The one who has been so battered will never wear it
She takes fashion in hiding
In another light
High Heels are queenish
They 'royalise' d steps of d Woman
Calculated steps
Most women who have found their expression of heights and authority in other fields of life won't wear heels. It's just a mind thing.
I can't even start demarcating these things
They are all mixed up
But, if u love a lady ehn
Pamper her to an extent that u will be her heel
On top of u she can find expression (ain't talking abut sex o)
Push her to d top for her to find and express her real self
Don't push/suppress her
Most churches frown at high heels of sisters
What do uwant her to do?
Dats may be do only thing that gives her an atom of confidence
Let us be a high heel to each other
And u will see what will happen
Also, Sister Clara may not wear high heels o
But she derives same confidence or mental posture from using wrist watch, d same atom of confidence another Sister gets from heels
But Cos no one is Freudian enough to know this
They attack d cloth
And do not understand d wearer
Good morning

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