Saturday 28 March 2015

Not very different from history

Yesterday I was thinking how massive a cleft was hewn through Israel at the time Jesus lived. The Romans were literally in power using Herods as satraps or local kings. The presence of centurions was obvious features in the gospels. Crosses for.crucifixion spoke constantly of what happens with infringement. You could see them prominently on the hilltop by the municipal waste dump outside the walls of.Jerusalem.
Ezekiel 28 may describe other periods but it certainly fits right now.
1. Sidon is actually the area now known as Tel Aviv.
2. Someone like unto but a million times richer than King of Tyre....does.control trade and much of world commerce and.shipping.....and Did set up the State known as Israel....and currently is reported as owning 80% of the land space.
3. There is a plan afoot to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem and.install and enthrone a Messiah there.
Ezekiel 28 is a warning chapter. It does not recognise this first Kingdom as Israel. Orthodox Jews don't either. Even though they live there and also expect a Messiah.
So this is all to say that however good or.bad Netanyahu's 're election is.....and however mixed up this present state of Israel was Israel when Jesus was alive. And into that very mess He lived and spoke the eternal message of the only one Kingdom.....the kingdom of God made incarnate in flesh.
John was aware of the parallel with Genesis 1 one he wrote....just as God spoke let there be Light when everything was tohu bohu the Light has shone again into the mess through the same One who was there in the beginning now in human form. And into this our age God is speaking the same message of Light as described yesterday in Annie Miller's vision of the wave of pure Light.....which describes the message of Revelation 12....a church which has put genesis 3 separation delusion under her feet, and is now clothed with the source of all Light....not the sun literally but the Son of God in all His glory.
There is such a thing as house of Rothschild and the solar cult. They call their "morning star" Lucifer ....bringer of Light and confuse him at least publicly, with the description of Jesus as the Morningstar. Starbucks collects money for the programme of the Solar cult. A Temple to Apollo.....he of the Solar cult.....has been built in the last few years in the grounds of Waddesdon Manor....quite one of course realising how central to operations this is.
Into this world at this time do.we speak the true message of the morning star rising in our hearts.....Jesus Christ.
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