Thursday 5 March 2015


A severely exercised Jewish Messianic believer looks out on the world:

Chris, is G-d real? Jesus? The crimes these very Evil Elite are committing are beyond bad. They are crippling young children literally on purpose, and screwing with the minds of young soldiers~ Their crimes against Everyone in Every country should be punishable by hanging till dead! They are sooo much worse than what Adam or Eve did! If G-d is Love, and that is how I know Him, Why has He allowed this evil to prosper for so long? What kind of a game is this? These people are sick, perverted, dangerous criminals. Raping and sacrificing children, beheading, throwing acid in the faces of young women for the fun of it and beating and stoning others without any punishment??? I just don't get it~ Now we have a huge push for the devil in our music, college campuses, movies, and so on~ Anti- Semitism is The Thing once again, and it's ALL the cabal who decide the Mood of the Year, Century; Not G-d. Everything is backwards, and many wonder, if G-d really does exist? What is the new creation? Satanists? History repeating itself?

Me: God intends for every mouth to be stopped.....that is that everything be fully tried out and proved wanting...
so that men may cry out for that "something more"....the deep cries to deep in Psalm 42.
And the thirst for living waters in Isaiah 55 and John 7.
For thousands of years we have known that the last times...well the last times of the 1st Adam....would be perilous times. Isaiah 60 talks about gross Darkness covering the earth.....................
Jesus said pray
Lead us NOT INTO THE TIME OF TESTING but deliver us from evil.....and what did mankind do instead? Stop praying the Lord's Prayer seriously and walk smack into the dreadful times of testing instead.....
But God knows even this and is speaking to every man.....we are not to believe that the media is the sum total of what is going on....the media is a lie....the news is onesided.....the music is onesided....films are largely one sided.....
but the true leaven of the Kingdom is spreading.
9 hours ago

Amen~ May it be true! People need to cling to hope. Without it we are already dead! Faith comes by hearing, and hearing every word of G-d. How will that be possible with the evil ones burning every church, temple, synagogue, Christian and Jew? I guess that's a question only G-d has the answer to. Some things He alone understands, don't you think? Peace be with you, my dear friend~
about an hour ago

Me: Once there were no buildings. Just believers in houses and catacombs.

Presence and Reality are central
Moses said unless You go up with us I and your people shall not go up to Canaan. Where two or three gather in the unalloyed Name of just purely and simply Christ there I AM Is in your midst. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. This sentence is like a maths theorem that works both ways because it has an equals in it. So whether you begin by testifying to Holy Spirit acts in your life or history or the Bible it creates a quickening of faith that brings the Now Hope of God for more of the same. But even if you work in reverse, sensing the Now inner Word which is God in your inner man......according to.....But go into your inner room and shut your door to outward surface stuff and meet with your Father in secret..... or psalm 19 where every day pours forth speech....their voice is not heard (audibly) but it never ceases......
Yes either way is God's reality. Without that reality Christians are stuffed anyway. We are not going any place. Leave the New Age to bring in Lucifers reign through Lucis trust and Lucent technology via Starbucks or bucks for the establishing of the Isaiah 14 morning star.......We are stuffed anyway. But hear God, and we hear the Mighty One raising a Holy Spirit army.....who.say yes to Jesus when He declared " the Gates of hell shall not prevail against my ecclesia, my called out assembly" many are called few are chosen. How do you get called? You listen continually to what is being broadcast on that subterranean wavelength of psalm 19.

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