Thursday 26 March 2015

The Church isn't Lo Here

And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.
This verse explains why the devil is able to hoodwink every successive generation that God is a loser.
This verse in Revelation 12 shows God's method as opposed to Man's method and Satan's method in building church.
Every revival comes and catches up people into God...the ones that remain are largely the "visible shambles" you see about a generation after a revival has swept through. We as material based...or flesh based humans...( we see after the flesh) we look at buildings, we look at people's customs, at aging congregations....
but nothing of that has anything to do with God's actual work which is inside human beings that are caught up in the Spirit to live and work in step with Him.
People look at the Welsh Revival and assume it was a failure. No , the bit you see may look like a failure....the bit that wasn't got caught up in God and formed all the next generation of churches and the next moves of God all over the earth. (I'm not sure if it's related....but there are for example a whole bunch of Welsh sheep farmers in Argentinian Patagonia.)
We only see the fossilised virtue of its nature we humanly at least, cannot see "a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne." Yet to all who walk caught up in the Spirit....this is the reality of how the Kingdom leading edge works.
Picture ONLY:  Tin Tabernacle Emsworth
In 1980 I was handed a key of a little Emsworth pentecostal Hut opened by Smith Wigglesworth. She was the last member. The work had died. The shell was dead. I handed the key onto my church elders. But the truth is i was already working on the next key....Thirdlevel Church...the sort they had in Acts 2 and which birthed us all. But nobody could look at me even now and say I have anything. Jesus' brothers had to have miracles rammed down their throats before they "saw" and "recognised" their very own brother. Jesus looked...errrr... normal. He had lost His Catholic halo clumsily one day while planing wood and without that His brothers had no chance!!!!

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It's obvious all history is airbrushed if you think about it. If real life is actually way more spikier than the way we relay it to other people....(actually because spiritual stuff is going on, and because secularism has no handle on spiritual stuff it airbrushes it out...."cos it doesn't fit") then you can bet your life the stuff we were taught in schools is the basic framework only with all the visceral lifeblood sucked out of it. 100s of years on, the religious wars look like wars of ideas only. These were wars over lies and truth. Lies that you could buy your personal salvation. Lies that you could flagellate yourself into God. Most of the Balkan Wars in history are secretly the Catholics intent on exterminating all remaining direct Christian links with St Paul's original churches, but in schools this is taught as bland random whims of different upstarts. If history is blurred, then people are numbed to the reality of God and truth in the earth. They also are encouraged in the belief that historical figures were generally idiots and how lucky we are that we have evolved. to see modern people writing the great works of philosophers without previous precedent?

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More information about the history of the young men at Emsworth Church


The Kingdom is not lo here or lo there.....
So about the describe Bill Johnson's Bethel church as the has either become the new absent....or perhaps they are further round the Jerusalem gate cycle to a very dry Valley Gate and the Dung Gate.
But this not" lo here nor lo there" thing works in reverse too. So about the time you have labelled someone as the pit of hell....God's redemptive work has been going on there too!!!!
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