Wednesday 25 March 2015

The Spirit and the Bride say Come

Baden Powell
If things were linear the Kingdom of God materialising out of heaven would be at a constant rate appearing like Dr Who's Tardis very steadily...even that flickers!!!
Everything in Creation is cyclic and tidal, or in and out like breathing.
The inward world governs the outer world.
 Romans 8 gives us a picture of the world screaming in childbirth and the painting "Das Geschrei" "The scream" by Edvard Monch depicts this subterranean form of CRY that we feel deep within.
There are KINGDOM lulls. There was 400 years of nothing spectacular between the two Testaments in the Bible...between Malachi and Matthew.
If you want the kingdom to materialise for you, you have to join in the Spirit's cry through you...FOR IT.
Romans 8 again......cries too deep for words.
People think the Spirit and the Bride say Come in Revelation is to Jesus to come back. They mix up 22:17 and 22:20. Or perhaps the Americans have a different Bible. For the rest of the world who are caught up with the actual plan of God this is the Spirit's Cry through the Bride for more children.For more materialisation of the Kingdom. As soon as some materialisation is here....or birthed....while Satan is still at large here, he chases the genuine Son off to the desert, then rigs up a naturalistic copy. This is why in every revival you must quickly learn to "Ride like the Wind"....for the wind blows where it wills and it is difficult for the devil to quantise the co ordinates. If you don't, like the Catholic Church you become the Snow Queen's fossilised relic. "And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.
5 And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne. 6 Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she *had a place prepared by God, .....
Some "God things" taken over completely......
Hospitals taken over by the state and manipulated in ways we don't fully know yet but are slowly emerging on Youtube
Education.....Oxford and Cambridge....originally centers of Christian tutelage and "discipling" as well as knowledge and learning. Harvard was actually evangelical.
All three are central to preparing future New World order operatives and leaders.
Industrial Revolution...largely pioneered by Quakers because they weren't allowed by then in Oxford or Cambridge...but then taken over by the Bloodlines to become forever the "dark Satanic mills" in the hymns.
Preaching the gospel to Africans, especially the West Coast. The Bloodlines ascertained the knowledge of minerals and resources then instead enslaved or sent away as slaves the populations. (Foremost has always been the involvement of the Venetian Old Houses/ bankers and East India Company)
For each of Satan's deathgrips has come a God answer raised up through the intercession of his people. The mass overcrowding of cities brought about by the Bloodlines changing the landlaws to make farming prohibiitve, brought social chaos.
The Temperance movement which then through Keswick and Jessie Penn Lewis led to the 12 Step programme, was taken over by the Bloodlines to become Moral Rearmament and the secular or vague Masonic Higher Power thing it is today.
Boys Brigade was leading many boys to Christ. The bloodlines wheeled in a murderous pedophile banned by Victoria until her death by the name of Baden Powell to set up scouts, and instead to herd the boys and groom them to be mown down in trenches by their new invention the machine gun.
The Holy Spirit Movement began the real release of many individuals to live fully and freely. So just as fast, the recent Freudian discoveries of "our internal world" were wheeled out to divert the gaze of a very interested world.....especially after world war. Both wars plus atheistic communism and then Auschwitz in particular were a deathblow quite literally to people's rising faith and hope in the Pentecostal outpourings. Eventually Pentecost moved into the existing churches into which my generation crashed....having by now no particular interest in church at all. None of our generation could have understood how we were manipulated out of the limelight, because at this time no one understood the the infrastructures unearthed by Fritz Springmeier which secretly prevent anything to do with the Holy Spirit taking hold but for one 30 minute watered down version in BBC Songs of Praise and a much muzzled Black London Community Gospel Choir. Not one of us understood how everything we attempted was blocked.

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