Thursday 13 November 2008

Bill Johnson at Maidenhead

I am so encouraged by the drift of what Bill Johnson is saying in Maidenhead on God TV tonight.
Many new things...or emphasises - but also lots dovetailing in with the material on this site.

Bill doesn't use "3rd level" as a phrase(not many of us do)....but what he is sharing is what the Spirit is now saying to the churches.......

Do you remember I've been emphasizing about Jesus nailing people with the teachings on "You must eat my flesh"...and nearly everyone appearing to for the disciples...this is what Bill was on tonight.
It is really vital for England that the cross be applied to adherence to our understanding in this country.....

Also that we nolonger hide behind the attitude that the faith life is not for us....
My anger about this was expressed the other night about God having to use South Africans instead of us for his faith operations. Bill was releasing a word about faith for great projects here in GB.

He was also starting to unpick the Lord's Prayer....this is so on my heart at the moment, as many of you know.

His emphasis on the Body moving in healing ministry with each other.

He was talking about learning about how the anointing can rest on us wherever we instead of answering questions no one is asking......we are taking creative solutions with us to unbelievers at their point of need. This sort of thing was also being described by Rob Rufus as they were going on their "extreme treasure hunts"....evangelism with words of knowledge. You can download the recent mp3s from Hong Kong City Church....see links.

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