Monday 24 November 2008

Speakers on Al-Jazeera Channel

One of the Christian speakers John and Wendy heard in Chorleywood talked about an interesting programme on Al-Jazeera. Some Muslims were reporting happily on the advances into all the nations in the world.....except they kept avoiding Africa. The interviewer pressed for an answer 3 or 4 times. At last, and reluctantly it was announced that the fight for Africa was being lost, because Christians had found out how to raise people from the dead. !!!!


Ursula said...

Chris...awesome blog!!!!

I did get your email...not Christines though.....will check MY junkmail now!

Thanks - sorry I havn't answered yet...things got kind of crazy after that....

Rollercoaster ride supreme it seems! employers got made redundant...both of I was sumarily made obsolete. God has come in big time. As no accomodation and no job over Christmas time is not fun!!!!

A miracle job has been provided with accomodation over the next month working for my old company...just till Christmas. Looks like this is going to be a season of little bit by little bit!

My friends all over the world and UK have rallied around and God has opened doors in the most unlikely of situations and isn't that just like God?

So tomorrow...I move to Northamptonshire....once again....

I'm so blessed to be so loved by so many....blows my mind away!!!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

So good to hear from you....and you know that is a carbon copy of what happened to me in Germany.

The first set of people I pitched up with...well the son whose room I was sharing...wanted me out as quick as poss...and found me the first job he could on a Turkish building site! a. I'd come to learn German! and b. I'd just had glandular fever and shovelling muck 6 foot down in a pit up to he top was not helping me. Twas 'orrible. But I remember God breaking through in inner assurance first...then out of nowhere another friend of the family from the same town was arranging for me to stay with him...and then he fixed me up teaching his pupils English after school hours. What a blessing when God moves.