Monday 10 November 2008

A Third Level approach to ministry I

"God doesn't call ANYONE INTO MINISTRY! Its a lie! Its a fake! It's also a detrimental saying...that is simply that...but gives misconceptions.

You see...if you read Matthew 10:1....He CALLED the disciples TO Him." So reads Ursula Kuba's post must read it.

For different reasons Zerubbabel (see links section) would agree with her.

I don't quite....but almost. What is making me a bit speechless is that I've found myself groaning inwardly about this precise subject most of the weekend. Is it not also incredible that at 2 key UK conferences...RiverCAMP through Mark Stibbe and other leaders in Shaftsbury have felt to address this head on this very summer. It is part of the substance also of "Orphans and Heirs".

These Conference messages, from different people were talking about:
and Outward."

Morris Cerullo would say unless you have an experience of God's Power and are you going to minister it out? Inward then is this experience.
Upward is our corresponding relationship and gratefulness back to God...our God....
which leads to an outward that is God-driven not man-driven. An exact set of instructions that we KNOW we are going to be empowered to carry out. Kind of takes the striving out of it all.

We are called to ministry I believe, but like all things third completely re-writes the rule book. And rule 1 can almost stand on its own like Ursula says.

Rule 1. Get called to a relationship. With Jesus. We don't have to initiate this. His arms are already open. He loves us. He loves us so so much. Unconditionally.

People know that although I love evangelical people...after 36 years I am losing patience with the evangelical systems. Last year I addressed 2 particular clients after years of serving them....because I felt as important as my job may well be that no one has ever dared to break into their world and challenge them. One was quite I was sensing the time to be short. The other was an ex-pastor with an invalid son. The pastor was so locked into his Calvinism....Que sera sera...that there was no way he'd ever see changes happen without being challenged about his beliefs. These situations are still ongoing...but the difference was...I nolonger remained silent!!! That at least had changed.

The same thing is happening right now with me and the second level. Again not the people...the system.
Once you see the 3rd level will never go back. People think it's so odd,because they are still delighted with meetings with spiritual gifts......but at no point is THE PROBLEM...the ONE PROBLEM, the Genesis 3:5 problem ever addressed. People get back to Deuteronomy 28, the very real promises of God...but no further. And if you don't get to the root and you go into ministry this is what it looks like.
Parable by Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk as vaguely remembered from their 1973 visit to Amersham Old Town Baptist Church.

One day in the wild wild west a town sheriff died. He had been effective,but wise,and had carried out his duties well. It was clear to the towns people who should be his successor. Why, it was clear! It should be young Tom the sharp-shooter. Boy was he good!. He could hit a can shooting from the the other end of town. So everyone felt that to be safe as a town, Tom was the obvious guardian.

He had some funny the way he wore his badge. He was particularly proud of his badge, the one inherited from his predecessor. But there was one thing wrong with it he felt. It could be easily missed. So he got the silversmith to make him one that everyone could see.

This one was about 9 inches in diameter. He strutted around with it and made sure that everyone could see it clearly. I'm only doing this he thought to a matter of safety. Because if everyone can see it, they will be less likely to try anything on.

But one day he noticed that there were some people laughing at him over the other side of the street. He wondered what they could find so funny. Perhaps they did not realise that he was a man of importance, there to protect the townsfolk. Perhaps they could not see his badge.

So he went to the silversmith and ordered a huge badge. A badge that was so big it covered the whole of his upper body down to his knees. This will promote safety, he thought. But I need everyone to see it so they can feel safe. So they can know that something is being done hereabouts with all the badlands nearby an' all !!

One day, a bad mean looking guy walked directly into town with a fully loaded shot-gun!
I'm in charge here he hollered.

Tom, the sheriff, came out of the jail house. He motioned to everyone to stay calm! He was here. The man with the big badge of the law. The authority!

The mean guy just eyed him, and facing him from a way off just raised his gun.
Tom, raised his gun in response, confident in his skills and speed. Before the other man had time to pull the trigger, Tom let a bullet fly! But unfortunately it ricocheted off his enormous badge and entered Tom's heart immediately. Tom sunk to his knees as the awful truth hit him too late.
He'd made a huge error of judgement!


Dan Bowen said...

"Morris Cerullo would say unless you have an experience of God's Power and are you going to minister it out? Inward then is this experience.
Upward is our corresponding relationship and gratefulness back to God...our God....
which leads to an outward that is God-driven not man-driven".

That's an awesome truth!! Wow. It's so true and resonates so clearly with where I am at the moment. I feel so dry and so empty and so barren, so how can I minister effectively in the glory if I am not IN the glory and receiving FROM the glory?!

Thanks Chris - your teaching strikes home yet again!

Ursula said...

spot on Chris...and such a blessing....

I'm going to do another blog before my big flight to the UK on Friday...Watch out UK and fully expound....if I can...

I'm not so sure we disagree...I think I havn't explained fully!

Such a blessing!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I've alerted all the airports to paint welcome Ursch everywhere.
Hey...everybody, Dan wrote on my