Monday 24 November 2008

"Can't see the join"- email from John Stevens

Got this email from John - ex Exeter Uni


Heaven's a wild place - like it.

Today's bread: was running with a friend this morning getting shockingly cold but he's inspired to use Sun a.m. runs to share his life and interrogate me about a statement I'd made about having 1 and a half encounters with angels. Anyway I started to remember what it was like as a child listening to NT stories about Jesus at school and at church and yet not knowing anyone who could point to the reality on earth until I met a fellow under age drinker who knew the Lord. No-one in my family ever spoke about Jesus so it was all a bit bewildering. Then into a charismatic church at home and Uni tentatively teaching and exploring, as you say, salvation/baptism in the Spirit. And then wanting to reproduce the teaching in my life in greater reality receiving more through the Wimber years and at Roffey. But at Roffey having another big jigsaw piece falling into place all about being crucified with Christ not I etc Gal 2v20 Prob said all this before.

The point is that telling my friend all this reawakened that initial thirst from childhood and I realised afresh this morning that I have a chance in this life to live the very life of Jesus and just how amazing that is. In fact there is no other life to live.

Eric Morecombe (a third Level comic!) got it about right looking closely at Ernie Wise through those oversize glasses 'Can't see the join'


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