Wednesday 19 November 2008

The War Room : Salt Into Sugar

Christine has just returned from a Havant Church meeting. Sunday's evening meeting is called the War Room. This week they felt to pray at one of the natural Havant springs. There was a sense that they should take some salt. (Like when the prophet prayed over bitter water at Jericho,was it? to makethe waters sweet again) One member brought a whacking great salt container, so they agreed to empty some out and take a smaller quantity in a tupperware tub.

When they arrived and opened the pot, one of them thought the salt looked a little he tasted was sweet. It was sugar. He went to the other member and said "You brought sugar by mistake". But when they were back at the church......on inspecting the great salt was indeed salt.

The salt had been turned into sugar!!!! We're not that used to these sort of things yet. I think everyone's flabber was ghasted.
My friend Michael cautioned me to clarify what I feel God is saying here. There are local resonances going on as described in Havant,Parchment ,Signing the Register.
I wrote to him"I think it is God saying...indeed I will bring sweetness to the streams...both natural and spiritual which nourish Havant."
My friend John wrote:
Interesting. The salt/sugar passage summarises my sketchy understanding of my role in preaching at my church. That's not to say that my church is bitter or that they re crying out to me as a miracle man. Just a private conviction and helps bring some shape to my role. I've only felt at liberty to mention this to one or two as it could cause offence! Lovely miracle you guys experienced - prob thinking about the salt is good. And just great to experience the sweet! I always find this - certainly up to now. When God speaks to me and I hear his word almost invariably it is sweet and reduces pressure and kicks anything like guilt or fear into touch. I still find the goodness and grace of God an unexpected thing. The normal christian life seems so abnormal until it 'happens' again then it is so obviously true and right and 'sweet'.


Sheila Atchley said...

Uh- *UH*!!! No way!!! How absolutely stunning....wish I'd been there.

Thanks for the "heads up" about this story, Chris - I am so glad I didn't miss it!

Sheila Atchley said...

PS. It is very late where you are, so I'm sure you are snoozing by now...

...but I had to add that I am *so* stealing your words "whacking big" and "everyone's flabber was ghasted".

Hilarious. Here in the south (of USA) I am known to say something is "honking big" - if it is rrrreally big. And that gets quite a few laughs. But as of today, I'm changin' that to "whacking big"...with the English accent.

Makes me smile.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

we speak proper here.
here it's a question of
were you brought up at Eton or
were you eaten and brought up

Christine did caution my use of whacking great