Sunday 23 November 2008

Time for Testimony

Not just mine.Anybody's.
A few weeks ago I brought a prophetic word about God opening up a well of Testimony. And I mean a word too!. I mean it was short. One of these short type of prophecies with only one word or phrase in, that I mentioned in a previous post.

Today the worship team took a prophetic line with songs about Jesus being a strong tower or fortress. God spoke to me. What I thought was great was it was before we'd really got going on the fortress I knew it was all part of today's package.

In 1971 Jean Darnall and other prophets called Christians together to celebrate a Festival of Light. From the coast throughout the land the old fire beacons (for messaging)were lit on every hill top. Then later Christians gathered in London. The promise given was that a great light would come in London then scatter to all the towns and villages, where the light would grow in all these regions.

Through the awakening of Christians through the fresh experience of the Holy Spirit, both old denominational churches and new churches have been growing stronger and stronger in their relationship with the Living God. I felt God saying...along the lines of various coastal prophecies given many years ago, but now featuring just about every town in Britain....

That now the fortresses had been formed. They were bases of God's power. They were strongholds of the Name of Jesus. And as fortresses now was the time "for the righteous to run in and be safe/ saved." as the song and the scripture says. So this also dovetails in with the promise of Wells of Testimony. What God has done in believer's lives ,we can still in our incompleteness, confidently declare that He can do again...myriadfold for anyone in the same kind of fixes. The power of testimony being that it reproduces the anointing for the same thing to occur again.
Some weeks ago we had a seabaptism of most of our Havant youth group, and ex-drug addict recommitting his life properly, and two of our dear friends Jed and Yvette.
Unlike other more evangelistic souls, Christine and I are generally more cautious about pushing people into praying the commitment prayer. But on this Sunday, Christine felt this so strongly from the time we got up. So at an appropriate time in the meeting we encouraged our friend Jed to do the deal, and ask Jesus into his heart. He and Yvette were baptised the same day. You can make out from the stills the glory on their faces as they came out. Jed looked 10 years younger. Forget Botox. We need Jesus!!!.
Thing is, unbelievers have no clue about how things can change the very day that you just submit your life to Christ. See, it's Jesus that does it ! If He wasn't real...what a burden to appear all happy and "Christian" with those gleamy teethy smiles.....but the thing is He is real. All we have to do is submit to Him, accept Him as Lord, and ask Him to come in and take over. He does the rest. Yvette told me today that Jed has been a very different man from this day. When he gets in from work, he nolonger has the whole world on his shoulders. People have greater respect for his role at work. He speaks with more assurance and authority. And this is in little more than a month already. The other guy baptised went the very next day to a drug rehab near Birmingham, where early reports say he is doing very well.

You can see how brave everyone was in the cold English seas. Peter Stott's opening words are "I think we should do a risk assessment of this". Many fine stills were taken by Wendy Wilbraham, but this is the internet...and sadly we cannot show them. I hope these clips that remain are sufficiently vague concerning the actual kids. The film was on my Sony Cybershot and it nolonger seems compatible with Windows programmes...I've spent ages finding edit programmes that bridge the gap. The music is Phil Keaggy : It's Personal-The Poetry of Keith Moore. Track 7 The Blood.


Jamie said...

Ahhhhh, my heart has been heavy all day with the passing of Lydia's granfather and of a close family friend of ours. Thank you for this; my heart was made light again by remembering what this Life is all about.

I gave a Word two weeks ago on the Kingdom and it's citizens...if there be but ONE who will speak, God will speak through him. I'm opening my mouth; He'll fill it. I'm opening my hands; He'll fill them. I'm going to live WIDE OPEN so that He is what others see.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I don't know if everyone has felt like this today...but if it was Star Wars I'd say there has been a disturbance in the Force.

Sounds like a good true. Although we are a Body...we have to be prepared to step up individually even if we see no one else doing so.

So glad you liked the clip. When no one has mentioned it was wondering if I've done the right thing putting it up. Was rather mad weather...and we had to be extra vigilant with the kids. Several were poised to also leap into the water.

Jamie said...

I loved it; our week-end was just incredibly hectic and I was out of the loop. Thanks again. :)

Sheila Atchley said...

precious! "Father, we thank You!" Your words about testimony are *fantastic*, by the way!